March 5th Adat Chaverim show.

With a two day show having just past, I suppose I should summarize the show from three weekends ago. Zelda’s a huge time suck – 120 hours since launch day 3/3/17…

It would take way too much to top last years show in March – check that score out here – that show may never be topped… Eitherway, we arrived a little later than most people did, and donated our 5$ for gift bags and were told to pick a free wax pack from the bin. I didn’t see much of use set building wise, but I did find a Topps “Big Baseball Cards” with Tim Laudner visible on the front. We weren’t expecting much in the way for the show, but it’s always fun to see friends and discuss card-ing things. Each bag contained a little slip for a prize – be they another free prize bag, something from the “island of misfit toys” or stuff that’s not quite a prize, but a prize nonetheless, all the way up to some key football rookies and memorabilia. Our prizes weren’t much to write home about – but the junk island was a lot of fun to dig through! We did get a Babe Ruth nightmare inducing “doll” – any Yankees fans want this oddity?

Our misfit discoveries were much more fun. While we pulled three misfit slips it was heavily encouraged to take as much as you’d like, something I took great advantage of, take it all even! In the first bin I noticed three older 1983 “Topps Baseball Foldouts” with 17 Home Run, Stolen Base, and Pitching leaders post card sized photos conjoined back to back, front and back – a little weird. However, when I was checking out the home run leaders, I noticed that it contained a few 1972 NFL Sunoco Stamps. Only one Viking – player here. Also in that bin were 1980s police issued ‘postcard’ sized team sets that I pulled for NightOwl, CardJunk, and for Angela’s Indians. Also in this box, I found this unopened 1980 Topps Superman II wax:

Must not eat the gum! The next bin mostly had collapsed Wheaties boxes and magazines – nothing of note – but I did find this! None of the players were colored in with none missing – Gretzky included!

Also in this bin were Avery issued “binder dividers”, “card box dividers” and “ID stickers” – for all your card sorting needs… in 1990. In addition to this, we found a “Limited Edition Commemorative Sheet” that was handed out by Upper Deck at the 1990 Eleventh National Sports Collectors Convention. #25289/26000! Not surprising to find something handed out in Arlington, in the DFW area I suppose.. Finally from this bin we pulled a 1989 “TV Sports mailbag” Award Winners Frank Viola Cy Young Award winner sheet that’s just a tad smaller than your standard sheet of printer paper – 8.5 x 11. This would look great with some sharpie marked on it, if you know what I mean. :).

It was about this time that I started discussing card stuff with Kin, and he pointed me to a vendor who a nickel bin. Meanwhile Rich walked by with some freshly opened 2017 Heritage packs – donating the Twins to my team sets cause – win. Dime boxes are my bread and butter, but nickel a piece cards? Yes please!  Some of the cards I pulled include:

The older of the two cards – the 1986 O-Pee-Chee, and 1961 Topps came from our two donation bags – I don’t think either are new but these were much better than 1992 Upper Deck dupes in the other bags. So overall it wasn’t a bad show with nickel boxes, discussions among friends, and digging through discarded treasures.

Where is my mind?

The obvious answer to that if you’ve seen my twitter pictures lately has been the new Zelda release: Breath of the Wild. A true love letter to Zelda fans, I highly recommend it to fans and new players alike.

Gaming commentary aside, I figured I’d take the last post and expand on it some – so here’s the list of players that share my birthday! According to Baseball-Reference, there are 53 current or former MLB players who were born on September 27th. While I don’t share a birthday with Michael Jordan like Angela does… I do have Michael Jack Schmidt! Unfortunately, that’s about it as you’ll see soon.

Minnesota Bias:
Jon Rauch(1978) played with us in part of 2009 and all of 2010 before moving on in 2011. As the tallest MLB player, his Twins jersey is at the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. :).

Dick Lanahan(1911) pitched 9 games in the majors for the franchise in 1935 and 1937. Played with/coached by a 42 year old Rogers Hornsby in 1938.

Bob Veselic(1955) had two September call-ups in 1980 and 1982. Sadly passed away from cancer in 1995.

Chick Gagnon(1897) played parts of 4 games in 1924 for the Senators.

Harry Chozen(1859) born in Winnebago, Minnesota. Long-time minor leaguer, played in one late September game in 1937 going 1 for 4 as a fill-in catcher for Ernie Lombardi. McNeese St. players can be awarded with the Harry Chozen Baseball Scholarship.

Joe Vizner(1915) born in Minneapolis, Minnesota(duh…). Played with the 1889 American Association winning Brooklyn Bridegrooms. Later would play with the Minneapolis Millers minor league team. Died only a county or two over from my birth place.

Yearly bias:
For those that share my birth year as well as birth day. Still waiting for my name to be called on draft day, or does that make me an UFA? :).
David Hale has played with the Braves and Rockies. Drafted out of Princeton University in the 3rd round of 2009, he had his best year in 2014, with 87.1 ip, pitching to a 3.30 era with 44 strike outs and 39 walks mostly in relief. March 1st, 2017 signed as a free agent to return to the Braves.

Grant Green was taken 13th overall in the same 2009 MLB draft, making the majors in 2013 with the Athletics and Angels. Spent part of last year with the Giants big league club before signing with the Nationals for 2017.

Charlie Eakle(1887, that is…) Played two games for the Baltimore Terrapins in the Federal League in 1915. Hit 2-7 with a stolen base.

Stars – All-Stars:
Jon Garland(1979) went to the 2005 All-Star game before winning the World Series with the White Sox that same year. Famously gave up Alex Rodriguez’s 200th home run in 2001.

Vicente Padilla(1977) made the 2002 NL All-Star team with the Phillies pitching two innings and allowing no hits, one walk before the game was called in a tie.

Whit Wyatt(1907) made four consecutive All-Star Game appearances with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1939-1942. Dodgers Executive Larry MacPhail acquired rights midway through 1938 season – Larry’s son is well known throughout Twins Territory as GM of Twins from 1986-1994. Whit received MVP votes in 1940-1943 placing as high as third in 1941 – a year he finished a leauge leading 22 wins and 10 losses with 23 complete games, a league leading 7 shutouts, and 176 strikeouts in 288.1 innings. Also lead the league in FIP(2.77), WHIP(1.058), and strikeouts/walk ratio(2.15). Went 1-1 in the 1941 World Series against the Yankees in games 2 and 5. Finished his career with 106 wins, 95 losses, a 3.79 ERA, and 24.7 WAR.

Mike Schmidt(1949) …if you don’t know much about Mike Schmidt you should probably brush up on your baseball history. 12 All-Star Games, 10 Gold Gloves, 1980, 1981, 1986 NL MVPs. 1980 World Series MVP with the Phillies – 8 for 21, with a double and two home runs in the Series alone batting .381/.462/.714. Inducted to Cooperstown in 1995 on 96.5% of ballots.

Some others of note:
Gary Sutherland(1944) pitched for 13 years with the Phillies, Expos, Tigers, Astros, Cardinals, Padres, and Brewers. Brother Darrell Sutherland also had MLB experience in the 1960s(1964-66; 1968). Gary finished his career with 754 hits, 109 doubles, 10 triples, 24 home runs, and a .243/.291/.308 batting line mostly as a second basemen.

Doug Baird(1891) started his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1915, seeing time with the Cardinals, Brooklyn Robins(Dodgers), Giants, and Phillies across 6 MLB seasons ending in 1920 as a mostly third basemen. Racked up 492 career hits, 86 doubles, 45 triples, and 6 home runs finishing with .234/.291/.326 as a batter.

Dick Hall(1930) enjoyed a lengthy MLB career spanning three decades making his debut in 1955 and retiring in 1971. Enjoyed most of his success with the Orioles, he also pitched for the Pirates, Phillies, and Kansas City Athletics. Finished with 93 wins and 75 losses mostly in relief pitching to a 3.32 ERA in 1259.2 innings of work. Made a few World Series appearances to end his career – his team losing to the Mets in the 1969, came back with Baltimore in 1970 and beat Cincinatti, in 1971 the Orioles lost to Pittsburgh in the Series and the now 40  year old Dick decided to call it quits.

John Lannan(1984) spent 6 years with the Nationals starting in 2007 after being drafted in their initial 2005 MLB draft. Last pitched in the Majors in 2014, though he pitched in the Royals minor league system last year. Signed a contract for the 2017 with the Nationals. Winning 46 games and lost 58 with a 4.18 ERA. Mostly used as a starting pitcher with 862.0 innings striking out 450 batters.

Dave Wickersham(1935) played for the entirety of the 1960s with the Tigers and Pirates inbetween trips to Kansas City with the Athletics and Royals. Won 19 games with the Tigers in 1964. Finished his career having won 68 games, with 57 losses in 1123 innings as both a starter and reliever. Struck out 638 batters, and only walked 384. Sported a career 3.66 ERA. Currently the oldest living Royal.

So who shares your birthday? Anybody share both your birthday and birth year? I’ll be curious to hear who shares births with whom. :).

The Distinguished S.L.s

A few days ago on twatter, there was a long thread where people took their initials and came up with the best athlete who shares the same letters – from memory. I meant to get around to this sooner – but I really couldn’t think of many S.L.’s. Having S.K. – Koufax is a legit choice would’ve been easier, but mine are S and L. I turned to Baseball-Reference again for some help. They obviously don’t have as big of an issue with this little exercise as I did – 46 MLB players share my initials. For brevity’s sake, I cut down the list to players who played more than 10 seasons – cutting 39 players! Before I share who made the cut – the distinguished S.L.s, here’s a few that didn’t quite make it:

Steve Luebber – Played in parts of five seasons in the big leagues, three with the Twins. The major of his games played were in 1976, appearing in 38 games, and 119.1 of his 206.1 career innings pitched.  Appeared in one game with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1979 entering the September 18th, 1979 game against the Boston Red Sox in the 7th inning down 5-3. Jim Rice led off with a double scoring Jack Brohamer and Fred Lynn – on base when Steve entered the game. After a passed ball advances Rice to third, Carl Yastremski sent Steve to the showers with another double, scoring Rice. Failing to record an out in his only appearance of 1979, Steve finished the year with an ERA of infinite. Finished his MLB career in 1981 with the Baltimore Orioles appearing in seven games. Called it quits in 1988 after a few years in the minor leagues.

Scott Leius – Another Twin! Another bottom of the order post-season performer, this time in the 1991 World Series! One of seven Twins to play in all seven games, Scott hit .357/.400/.571 in 14 at-bats – five hits, one home run, two runs driven in. Was on base in game one when Greg Gagne hit his three run homer in the 5th inning – Twins ended up winning 5-2. In the bottom of the 8th of game two, he launched a solo homer off Tom Glavine to break a 2-2 tie. Twins would end up winning 3-2.

Steve Lombardozzi – Twins 2B 1985-1988. September 28th, 1987 – for context, I was a day old, and the Twins magic number sat at one. If they win against Texas, they’ve clinched the AL West. Tied in the top of the 8th, Steve started a rally with a single to right, scoring Kent Hrbek. Next up Don Baylor gets a balk from Mitch Williams, scoring Tom Brunansky. 5-3, Twins clinch the division for the first time since repeating in 1969-1970. On top of this, his and Kent Hrbek’s fielding ended the game in the 9th with Jeff Reardon in for the save. One of our hottest hitters in the 1987 World Series batting .412/.474/.647! Seven hits, one double, one homer, 4 RBIs. In game one, he was on base during Dan Gladden’s 4th inning grand slam, then followed the next inning with a homer of his own. Also cut by the 10 year arbitrary cutoff – his son Steve, who’s currently signed with the Marlins.

Steve Lubratich – made his MLB debut in 1981 on my birthday – September 27th.

Steve Lyons – 9 MLB seasons, many controversial more in the announcing booth.

Sam Lanford – Played in two games with the Senators in August of 1907 making his debut August 19th – the same month Walter Johnson made his MLB debut – August 2nd.

Edward “Slim” Love – Played in six seasons, his best came in 1918 with the New York Yankees going 13-12 in 228.2 innings pitched. His MLB debut came with the Washington Senators however. All-time dirty name contender.

The 7 Distinguished S.L.’s

Sam Leslie – 822 games to his name across 10 seasons spread between rivals the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. First baseman by trade, his .989 fielding percentage probably kept him tied to the first sack rather than his 36 career home runs = a career high 9 in 1934!  Averaged 23 doubles a season though, along with a career .304/.366/.421 – different times. Inducted into Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame in 1968.

Steve Lake – A long time part-timer if that makes sense playing in the majors from 1983 through 1993 when he retired at 36. Averaged 43 games across 11 seasons with the Cubs, Phillies, and Cardinals. A defense first catcher, with a career 5.5 dWAR vs. his offensive -1.4 oWAR*. Appeared against my Twins as a starter in game seven with three at-bats, one hit, and one run batted in. His single gave the Cardinals a 2-0 lead, scoring Willie McGee in the second off Frank Viola. Held onto a LF assist from Vince Coleman in the 5th inning despite a Gary Gaetti charge to end the offensive chance. The Twins would rally and score four runs to win the franchise’s first World Series title since 1924. Sorry Steve.

Scott Linebrink – Long time reliever made his MLB debut in 2000 with the Giants and made stops through the Astros, Padres, White Sox, Braves, and Brewers organizations before calling it quits in 2011 after 607 games! Did well enough to warrant 24+ million over 12 seasons.

Sixto Lezcano – Long time Milwaukee Brewers right fielder, Sixto started in 1974 as a 20 year old September call-up. A career .271/.360/.440 hitter, he started his career with a bang, even ranked up as a comparable to Dave Winfield by 26! Sixto would finish with a respectable 1122 hits, 184 doubles, 34 triples, 148 home runs, 591 runs batted in, and a 1979 Gold Glove. Only committed 28 errors in 2558 chances – a .980 fielding %. In 1978, led the league with assists as a RF, assists as OF – he’d repeat both in 1982, adding in double plays turned as RF. Would later play in the NPB with the Taiyo Whales, in the Puerto Rican Winter League, and a two game stint in the Senior Professional Baseball Association. Seen here hitting a grand slam walk-off on the Brewers home opener in 1980.

Sam “The Goshen Schoolmaster” Leever – So called for also being a teacher at Goshen High School(Goshen, Ohio – on the outskirts of Cincinatti), Sam started his pre-MLB/MLB career in the National League in 1898, finishing in 1910 all with the Pittsburgh Pirates. A 20 game winner four times, Sam finished his career with a 194-100 W/L record sporting a 2.47 ERA and 41.8 WAR – not bad for a dead ball era pitcher. Participated in the first World Series losing both games he started facing off both times against Bill Dinneen. Although not making an appearance, his 1909 Pirates won the World Series improving his record to 1-1 in World Series play. Not featured in “The Monster” T206, though, he does have T205 Gold Border, D332 Tip Top Bread and E90 American Caramels issues amongst a few others.

Side note: Tiger/Cubs/Giants pitcher(1962-1966;1970)  Bill Faul graduated from Goshen High. As SABR points out, he sought a hypnotherapist to control his pitches, and on a bet ate a live frog in the clubhouse.

Stan Lopata – Began his career in 1948 with the Phillies where he would play for all but the last two seasons(Milwaukee Braves) of his 13 year MLB career. Used primarily as a catcher(695 games), though he did see some time at first base(66 games). Two times he represented the Phillies at the mid summer classic – 1955, 1956 in the midst of his best years slugging 42 doubles, 10 triples, and 54 home runs as a catcher(!) – he’d finish with 116 tied with Buster Posey as of 2016 for 61st. A career .254/.351/.452 hitter, Stan only saw two post-season games with the 1950 Whiz Kids losing to the Yankees. Served with the U.S. Army during World War II.

Skip Lockwood – One of the few Seattle Pilots, Skip made his debut that season(1969), with stops through the Brewers, Angels, Mets and would hang them up 12 years later with the Red Sox in 1980. Began his career as a starter, but made the full time switch in 1974 as a relief pitcher. Racked up 68 career saves, mostly between 1976 and 1978. Finished having played in 420 games, starting 106, pitching in 1236 innings with a 3.55 ERA.

Sherm Lollar – The longest career of any S.L., 18 seasons starting in 1946 with the Indians, making pit stops through the Yankees and Browns, before spending 12 years with the White Sox. Led the AL in fielding % as a catcher in 1951, 1953, 1956, 1960, 1961 – and major league record holder .992 career fielding % as a catcher. Gold Glove winner in 1957, 1958, and 1959 before Senators/Twins catcher Earl Battey took over the Gold Glove reins in 1960 through 1962. Finished his career with 1415 hits, 244 doubles, 13 triples, 155 home runs, 808 runs batted in, a .264/.357/.402 batting line and finished with 30.4 bWAR. Nine times he represented the AL in the All-Star Game, twice appearing in the World Series – winning once as a player(1947), and once as a bullpen coach(1966 with the Orioles). Sherm is eligible to be listed by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America as part of the Golden Era ballot in November 2017 for voting in December. Despite the obvious assumptions, he’s not related to Tim Lollar. Easily the best career hitter here, maybe even the best of the bunch – though the last entry deserves consideration. Seen here batting – #10.

Sparky Lyle – 899 games over 16 MLB(1967-1982) seasons mostly in the AL East – spending time with the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Rangers, and White Sox. 1973, 1976, 1977 All-Star, 1977 World Series champion all with the Yankees. Appeared in a league high 72 games in 1977 with 26 saves and a 2.17 ERA. Finished with 238 saves, currently 37th all time, retired as the second all-time career saves leader. Rollie Fingers started his career at nearly the same time(1968), but would end the 1982 season with more career saves – currently 13th with 341 saves. Sparky’s easily the best pitcher of the bunch – Twins bias aside. :).

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2016-17 Fleer Showcase Wild/PC Checklist

59 Ryan Suter
76 Zach Parise

Row 0 Rookies
27 Joel Eriksson Ek
Flair Blue Ice Parallel – Row 0 Rookies
27 Joel Eriksson Ek
Metal Universe – Rookies
27 Joel Eriksson Ek

Red Glow
59 Ryan Suter
76 Zach Parise
Base Hot Prospects #/399
129 Zack Mitchell
Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Red Parallel – Rookies #/100
MU-47 Joel Eriksson Ek
Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Blue Parallel – Rookies #/50
MU-47 Joel Eriksson Ek
Red Glow Hot Prospects #/25
129 Zack Mitchell
White Hot Parallel #/25
59 Ryan Suter
76 Zach Parise
Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Green Parallel – Rookies #/10
MU-47 Joel Eriksson Ek
White Hot Parallel Hot Prospects #/5
129 Zack Mitchell
Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Purple Parallel – Rookies #/5
MU-47 Joel Eriksson Ek
Flair Blue Ice Masterpiece Parallel – Row 0 Rookies #/1
27 Joel Eriksson Ek

Base Hot Prospects Autographs #/499
169 Joel Eriksson Ek
Hot Prospects Auto Patch #/135
169 Joel Eriksson Ek
Red Glow Hot Prospects #/49
129 Zack Mitchell
White Hot Paralllel Hot Prospects Autographs #/15
169 Joel Eriksson Ek
Hot Prospects Auto Patch White Hot Parallel #/10
169 Joel Eriksson Ek

Player Collections:
Base Set – Hot Prospects Quads #/399
105 Jared Coreau/Aaron Dell/Zane Mcintyre/Scott Wedgewood
Red Glow Parallel – Hot Prospects Quads #/25
105 Jared Coreau/Aaron Dell/Zane Mcintyre/Scott Wedgewood
White Hot Parallel – Hot Prospects Quads #/5
105 Jared Coreau/Aaron Dell/Zane Mcintyre/Scott Wedgewood

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2017 Donruss Twins checklist

120 Brian Dozier
121 Miguel Sano
184 Kirby Puckett

Diamond Collection
8 Byung-ho Park
20 Max Kepler
22 Miguel Sano
31 Tyler Duffey
Diamond Kings
17 Miguel Sano
Retro Variations 1983
21 Brian Dozier
46 Harmon Killebrew

Diamond Kings Cyan Back
17 Miguel Sano
Magenta Back
120 Brian Dozier
121 Miguel Sano
184 Kirby Puckett
Retro Variations 1983 Magenta Back
21 Brian Dozier
46 Harmon Killebrew

New Breed Autographs
12 Jose Berrios
21 Max Kepler
Promising Pros Materials
18 Jose Berrios
Retro Signatures 1983
11 Brian Dozier
Signature Series
24 Adalberto Mejia

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2016-17 Upper Deck AHL Iowa Wild

26 Zack Mitchell
35 Pat Cannone

123 Alex Tuch
132 Joel Eriksson Ek

Base/SP Parallels:
Red, Printing Plates

Team Mascots:
TM9 Crash

Woodmark Logo Window Cling Box Topper:
9 Iowa Wild

123 Alex Tuch


Sometime towards the end of last year I got burnt out with digital card apps and online games. I stopped opening up Star Wars Card Trader, even if only for the day’s free credits, I no longer Walker’ed, Bunt’ed, Huddle’d or e-packed. Now that’s not changed for those, I have come back around to Upper Deck’s e-pack program. Maybe it’s the low pressure, no-inserts-to-chase nature of the free packs, my renewed love for hockey and the Wild’s successful season so far, or Upper Deck’s vision with digital cards – I’m not sure, but starting today I’ll be opening more hockey cards. Today I opened 2016-17 Upper Deck MVP:

For those unfamiliar, check out their website here. Basically you’re given a free pack of three cards each day, but collecting a certain amount nets you a leveled up ‘parallel’ – an actual card that can be requested via mail. Sure, much like their physical product offerings there’s an option to buy hobby packs/boxes which net mostly/all(?) redeemable cards you can have delivered.

So for those who are on there regularly, I’m looking for Wild, and Stars cards at my normal username – JunkWaxTwins. When S2 becomes available I’d also love to super-collect hometown goalie Zane McIntyre so keep me in mind when trading them away! Even if he snubbed the Golden Gophers for the University of North Dakota… something or anothers…