2016 Bowman Platinum – Twins



22 Byung-Ho Park
37 Jose Berrios
71 Brian Dozier
81 Eddie Rosario
84 Miguel Sano
93 Byron Buxton

Top Prospects
TP-ABW Adam Brett Walker II
TP-NG Nick Gordon
TP-TJ Tyler Jay
TP-WJ Wander Javier

Bowman Next Generation
NG-17 Miguel Sano

Bowman Next Generation Prospects
NGP-17 Tyler Jay

Top Prospect Autos
TPA-ABW Adam Brett Walker II
TPA-NG Nick Gordon

Veteran/Rookie Autos
PA-BB Byron Buxton
PA-BHP Byung-Ho Park
PA-ER Eddie Rosario
PA-MSA Miguel Sano



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Prior to the National I received good and bad news. A heads up for regular readers, this post won’t really be card related – feel free to wait for my National reviews for day one, two, three and four in the coming days, plus the card show this past weekend. I mostly just need to rant…

I’ve always had bouts with asthma and high temperatures(108°+ at one point) – I was even declared legally dead at one point(2 years old) from a febrile/fever induced seizure. When growth spurts began happening as they do in young adulthood, the pain in my knees was almost unbearable. I’ve been told by my parents that it kept me up most nights. I’d always been seen as a bit of an outcast, but my super flexible fingers(left index being able to touch the back of my hand, both pinkies being able to bend nearly all the way) always mystified classmates. After a car accident a few years back I had two herniated discs(one in my neck and one in my back) that caused great pain for a good while. Even now the neck pain returns every now and then – a lovely reminder of being rear-ended. When the shoulder dislocations started though is when everything was pieced together by my doctors. You see all of the above are common symptoms of Ehler-Danlos Syndrome(EDS). As are frequent cavities and chipping of teeth – check😦, chronic fatigue – check,  and insomnia – check.

So you’d think that wouldn’t be a good thing – just by my matching symptom list – however it’s nice finally knowing a cause. Dealing with pain for the rest of ever isn’t ideal but now at least I know the causant – short of a blood test to officially confirm. I can now plan accordingly and prepare and deal with the symptoms more effectively. While ranty, it’s nice finally knowing what is causing all of these issues. I finally have a support group of similar people who deal with the same issues. While doctors have been calling flexible joints hyper-flexibility for years, research is just now confirming what we’ve all known – something isn’t right.

As I said above, my review of each day at the National is coming soon vicarious card readers. May you eventually make it to your own National. It’s well worth the visit!

Listen: https://youtu.be/UUXBCdt5IPg
Watch: Stranger Things
Read: Day One at the National – soon!

2016 Donruss Optics



17 Brian Dozier(Diamond Kings)
35 Miguel Sano(Rated Rookies)
46 Byung-Ho Park(Rated Rookies)
54 Max Kepler(Rated Rookies)
66 Tyler Duffey(Rated Rookies)
93 Eddie Rosario
159 Brian Dozier

Back To The Future
15 David Ortiz
Power Alley
5 Miguel Sano
The Rookies
Miguel Sano

Back To The Future
4 David Ortiz
Rated Rookies Signatures
4 Byung-Ho Park
22 Max Kepler
35 Tyler Duffey
1984 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
1985 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
1986 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
1987 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
1989 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
8 Byung-Ho Park
Studio Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
12 Joe Mauer
21 Eddie Rosario
22 Jose Berrios
Significant Signatures
12 Bert Blyleven

2016 Topps Allen & Ginter – Twins checklist




Base Parallels – Short print (301-350), glossy (1/1).
Mini Parallels – Mini, A&G mini, black border mini, no number mini, Brooklyn backed mini(#/25), glossy mini (1/1), printing plate mini (4 1/1s), wood mini (1/1).

24 Max Kepler
66 Miguel Sano
74 Brian Dozier
78 Jose Berrios
104 Byron Buxton
154 Ervin Santana

201 Byung-Ho Park
234 Glen Perkins
305 Tyler Duffey
348 Trevor Plouffe

Baseball Legends
22 Rod Carew
Mascots In The Wild
MIW-5 Bear(T.C. Bear)
The Numbers Game
NG-93 Miguel Sano
Skippers mini
S-19 Paul Molitor

Mini Cloth #/10
66 Miguel Sano
74 Brian Dozier
104 Brian Buxton
389 Brian Dozier
Mini Metals #/3
66 Miguel Sano
74 Brian Dozier
104 Brian Buxton
279 Paul Molitor
389 Brian Dozier
394 Paul Molitor
Mini Exclusives #/?(Rip?)
389 Brian Dozier

Auto/Relic/Book #/10
SBC-BB Byron Buxton
SBC-MSA Miguel Sano
Mini Auto
AGA-BHP Byung-Ho Park
AGA-JBE Jose Berrios
AGA-MS Miguel Sano
AGA-PM Paul Molitor
Rip Cards
RIP-39 Brian Dozier
RIP-84 Byron Buxton
RIP-94 Harmon Killebrew
Artist Originals #/1
AO-MS Miguel Sano

Misc/Junky Twins

Base Parallels – Short print (301-350), glossy (1/1).
Mini Parallels – Mini, A&G mini, black border mini, no number mini, Brooklyn backed mini(#/25), glossy mini (1/1), printing plate mini (4 1/1s), wood mini (1/1).

279 Paul Molitor*

The Numbers Game
NG-85 Rod Carew***
NG-91 Paul Molitor*
+ More to come.

Mini Cloth #/10
279 Paul Molitor*
394 Paul Molitor*
Mini Exclusives #/?(Rip?)
394 Paul Molitor*

Auto/Relic/Book #/10
SBC-PM Paul Molitor**
Rip Cards
RIP-7 Rod Carew***
Framed Mini Relic
AGR-RC Rod Carew***
Box Loader Autographs #/15
BLA-PM Paul Molitor*
Box Loader Autographs/Relics #/5
BLAR-PM Paul Molitor*

* Milwaukee Brewers
** Toronto Blue Jays
*** California Angels


So now that the wedding is complete, the finest 1/1 was finally added to my collection.😉. Now there’s a week or so lull in time before our trip starts for the National. I’ve never been up the east coast(North Carolina count?), or further east than the Ohio border for that matter. Our planned honeymoon to Atlantic City and upstate New York should be a fun trip though. I’ve been through most of the western states(missing Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska), and I’ll look forward to crossing a few off my list.

It’s been a slow month for cards, but I did receive a trade package from Nachos Grande knocking off a few Fleer Tradition cards from 2000. We had a trade years ago where I sent him a huge chunk of the 2011 diamond parallels, and both were great trades for us, and he runs a great read of a blog.

In new set round-up – Allen & Ginter comes out soon. I love the set, but I just can’t be compelled to collect it as much as I did in years past. That said, I’ll probably bust a box at the National and pickup a team set online. I’m not much of a fan of Topps/Bowman chrome. The umpteenth parallels may be a “necessary evil” for investors and sellers but kills my hopes of master team set building. Another bothersome problem with the product, the incestuous relationship of the Bowman Chrome rookies set in Topps Chrome. Sure, they feel the need to pump out more rookie cards hoping one pans out to be the next Kris Bryant or Manny Machado – but couldn’t that be reserved for Bowman and Bowman Chrome? Again, investor types killing off the team collectors… but enough about #ThanksTopps, Panini is trying their hand with a similar set.

Panini Optic as they’re calling it, looks interesting. An 80 card box with an averaged two autographs, 4 parallels per box with flashback mid to late 80s Donruss designs making their appearance again. The junkie collector in me is intrigued. Numbered cards and fancy parallels don’t pull me in, but they look similar in production quality and print run to previous Panini releases(Prizm). Hot boxes produce 5 autos or 20 parallels as previewed in the blog post. Should be a fun set, but I wish they would release more than one Donruss set a year!

All in all, more posts are on the way and The National honeymoon will provide content for months I’m sure… Up next however is a round table discussion with some twats about junk wax. What makes junk wax sets, junky? What were our favorite junk set/s? Favorite card/s? Find out more soon.🙂.

2016 Bowman Inception Twins



Prospect Autographs
PA-JBE Jose Berrios
PA-NG Nick Gordon

Rookie Autographs
RA-BP Byung-Ho Park
RA-MS Miguel Sano

Autographed Relics
IAW-AW Adam Brett Walker II
IAW-JBE Jose Berrios

Autographed Jumbo Patch Relics
IAJP-JBE Jose Berrios

Future Stars Autographed Relics
FSAR-JB Jose Berrios

Autographed Logo Patches
ALP-JB Jose Berrios
ALP-MS Miguel Sano

Autographed Letter Books
IALB-JB Jose Berrios

2016 Topps Stadium Club Twins


81 Miguel Sano
118 Brian Dozier
127 Max Kepler
184 Byron Buxton
191 Frank Viola
234 Kyle Gibson
252 Phil Hughes
282 Joe Mauer
285 Trevor May
286 Harmon Killebrew – Washington Senators
296 Byung-Ho Park

Beam Team
BT-12 Miguel Sano

TR6A Miguel Sano
(6B Francisco Lindor/6C Carlos Correa)

Base Autograph:
SCA-BHP Byung-Ho Park
SCA-MS Miguel Sano
SCA-TMA Trevor May

Beam Team Autograph:
BTA-MS Miguel Sano

Praise be Net54! – June 11th Show


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A few weekends back there were another set of shows Saturday and Sunday. I can’t really complain though, we spent most of the time chatting with friends and breaking 90s junk wax Saturday, and Sunday(see next post for Sunday review) picking up a few vintage miscut cards, and some nice Kirby Puckett relics.

For Saturday’s show, Matt brought up more storage unit boxes, and I couldn’t resist breaking a few… Namely the 1985 Donruss All-Star Game pop-ups( which features the 1985 All-Star Game at the Metrodome as a back drop), 1990 Donruss(Chasing Inc/Inc.), 1991 Donruss(Inc/Inc.), 1991 Topps (UV/Non-UV), and two boxes of 1995 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice. For the most part these were time killing boxes. In the Collector’s Choice boxes we did pull two Derek Jeter “rookies”, two A-Rod, and a slew of checklist fillers from 1995. Look for a future post featuring all of the gold/silver “signatures” and inserts we pulled.

Outside of that though, and an explanation of the post title, I bought a few cards from Net54‘s owner Leon. In one of his display cases he had a 1951 Bowman 3$ binder. Too good to turn down, and I picked up four or so that while the conditions aren’t the greatest, they fill a hole missing on the checklist.

After paying however I noticed he had a stack in another case that interested me. 1951 Bowman cards with a blank back, and the front images are obscured by a double printing of another card’s back text. No, he didn’t have any Mickey Mantle double prints either, though he said he wish he did. Obvious statement is obvious, would’ve been worth some serious $$$ if he had one or more…


They’re very, very interesting cards and unique – something we’ll probably never see again or from any other vendor. He also had triple exposure front images but I had already overspent my budget.:/.


But how could you turn these down?? The Haynes/Miller especially, it’s in great condition for its age and probably would have graded well if it were printed properly originally…

Overall Saturday was fun. Killed some time, saw friends, chased variations. Perfect start to the weekend.

June 12th card show.


, , ,

I barely got everything put away Saturday night before having to crash to make Sunday’s early morning entrance. Which would’ve worked had we not slept in. Oops. Lol. An hour drive up to Plano later, and our friends from Arkansas were back with the big Kirby Puckett/Twins collection, and a few new relics. I eluded to them having a few nice Kirby Puckett cards at this show in the last post, so let’s start with those…

2002 Topps Gallery relic:

2005 Donruss Greats relic:

Lastly, a card from a set that I’ve always wanted, Tools of the Game relic. Years ago I just missed out on a jersey, bat, glove, shoe quad-relic. Finally pulled the trigger on this one:


Beautiful cards especially considering when for those and a Stadium Club 1st Day issue Kirby Puckett they only wanted 20$. Pfft. Yeah. Okay.

After that, I wandered over to Rich‘s booth who had two newer boxes that were mostly unsorted. I love seeing these from vendors – unsearched and ripe for the picking.

The early 1990s introduced mass produced minor league sets, which gave cards to players who would’ve never had cards. Such as the hand signed below J.T. “Beaver” Bruett cards below:

But in addition to those, his ripe new boxes had these miscuts, with apologies to Matt for sniping them from underneath their trade pile.

This poor 1966 Topps Jim Kaat didn’t know what to do with itself, both slanted, and miscut top to bottom:

Next up was a 1975 Topps Bert Blyleven that may be hard to see, but there’s a slight tab of white along the right border. I’ve always liked this card, showing the “down time” during a game:

My final pickup of the weekend, this 1970 Topps Stan Williams which suffers from left to right printing errors as you can see on the back:

Whether through malice, lazy quality control, or “backdoor” quality these cards made it out of the Topps facility, and found their way to a Twins fan ultimate show-off binder. Looking forward to the next show, and possibly one in Minneapolis?!? Till next time folks…

Speaking of pictures



Speaking of pictures, this came in from Topps the other day:
Front Here’s the back of it:
Back While it’s cool, I wish the photos were a bit clearer. I’m not sure whether that was a printing problem, photo selection, or what have you. I wasn’t sold on ToppsNow, and I’m still not really. I love the idea, but not overly impressed so far. Maybe I’m just bitter our season sucks so far, and I missed out on an earlier Miguel Sano issue. I did purchase today’s Harmon Killebrew/Albert Pujols highlight card, maybe that’ll sweeten my opinion.🙂.


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