State of the Union blog address,
Maybe once a week blog posts from myself was a bit ambitious. It’s true, my drive to do each year was squandered when I found there was a better polished work with the same idea. However, I think this can still be a productive blog/resource. I had asked a few of my better twitter friends/blog writer’s what they think sets them apart, how I can produce historical facts without just regurgitating wikipedia type facts, and for any tips they can suggest. I’ve taken their constructive criticism to heart and have decided to make what was the weekly post as a feature instead of a stop-the-presses article deadline. I had a mostly completed 1964 post sitting in drafts and finding stats, tidbits, and info had become so tedious. I thought I couldn’t represent each year as well as they deserve if I missed this, that, or the other, and while true I can edit each post, most everything moves faster in the twitter/adhd world. If you’ve seen my posts on twitter/blogroll when published, you’re probably not going to come back and view changes. I think, anyway. As such, I think the best course of action is to remove the Sunday deadline, and hopefully the posts should become more frequent. :).

/end rant.

@JunkWaxTwins/@Another_Castle 2016.