March Card Get-Away/Vacation 2015

In late March, we decided to head down to San Antonio and Austin to get away for the weekend. We rented a “fun car” model from a rental company, and floored it out of DFW. Of course on the way we stopped at some card stores, and lemme show you the hoghlights. :).

First up was Sports Cards Plus in San Antonio. We had a few hours to kill before we could check to our hotel, and pretty much all of them were spent here. It’s your common run of the mill strip mall card store, but the employees enthusiasm, knowledge and laissez-faire attitude make this one of the better shops I’ve ever visited. Along the outsise walls there’s new products, and binders of vintage, with sprinkles of rarer issues and memorabilia in different display cases.

The highlight though was a shelving unit near the back with x-count single row boxes sorted by company and year (ding ding, winner!) as well as some niche packratty stuff like magazines, oversized promo cards, even some 90s Kenner figures. I finished so many sets this way, almost as much as I pulled from the middle of the store.

In the center, there’s a hodge podge of 80s/90s wax boxes, packs, promos, etc. as well as x000-count boxes. So I asked what’s the deal, apparently they run a “bring in yours to dump, pull set fillers” deal with these on an honor system. So of course I spent a good hour or two rummaging through this section, and probably would need many more to finish. I found several #/x Bowman Twins, and the clerks were rooting for each I pulled, knowing they’re going to a more loving home. That’s for sure. ;).

While ringing me up, the owner asked an employee if they still had that “Taiwan Twins bobblehead” and if I’d be interested. Angela loves vintage bobbleheads/”nodders” so we said of course. I don’t think either of us expected to find a creepier Twins doll than our Vikings 60s edition, but this one’s pretty close! We paid and made a reminder to come visit very soon!

After enjoying a night on the San Antonio riverwalk (some of us a bit too much…), we woke up the next morning and saw The Alamo. Between dodging tourists, and the annual Alamo fun run x-mile marathon, the historic site hadn’t changed much since I last visited. Still not positive where Ozzy peed, and everybody was whispering about it, but maybe we’ll figure it out next time. :p.

We stopped at the gorgeous Gris Mill eatery in Greune(pronounced green), before making our way to Austin. Once in-town, we sought out Card Traders of Austin. A bit more cramped, this store was setup similar to the previous day’s store. Newer stuff on the outer walls, display cases along the wall with hits, vintage, and a stack of 1989 FuckFace… Their stock of vintage was impressive, I think only Rich has more 1950s Bowman. Another thing that I liked were the sorted by year shoe boxes of base/inserts/parallels. The place was really busy, I guess they host Magic tournaments on Sunday, and the clerks acted like it, but they still attended to us every so often. Something we overlooked as they were really busy. The owner was really knowledgeable about these, and gave us fair prices despite big book-ing us.

From there, we returned to DFW with dreams of returning soon, and maybe hitting up the couple of stores we missed.

My first ever 1951s, I now have at least one card from Topps’ 51-15 run, even completed the Senators ’51 Bluebacks. Poor conditioning on the 52s, noticed the trimming on Runnels too late. :(.
1954 Topps may have been my favorite set if not for 1955, 1956, and my birth year set(1987). Just beautiful.
Finally got Tony-O’s true rookie!
Speaking of finally, Sweet Music’s Fleer rookie, this one completed a Fleer team set run from 1981-1992. Very nice!


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