So many drafts, so little time…

I’ve been slammed at work, and have paid little attention to this…let’s change that.

So I’ve been working on creating a checklist of all the Twins that were never given a proper card, and I finally made headway. Stupid SQL syntaxes. So I created two tables, one with the all-time roster from bbref, and another with all the cards issued by Topps, Upper Deck, Donruss, Fleer, Score/Pinnacle, as well as some regional issues.

From there I’ve struggled to get mysql to compare them properly, removing those IN A, but NOT IN B. I’m no coder, but I dabble. Well, yesterday it all clicked, and I’ve got the list of those without a proper Twins issue.

I’m discounting manager cards, because for example, Tom Kelly’s 1991 Topps shouldn’t count for his 1975 cup of coffee. The genius in how it’s written, I can switch A and B around, and find players that were mistyped, league leader, or dual rookie cards. So cool. Post to come with the results tomorrow!