Highlights of November card show.

Went to the Dallas’ card show put on by Rich, and spent a good time talking to dealers and grabbing some new Twins. Highlights below:imageI’m currently catalogging all of my miscellaneous cards, and researching checklists. I came across this perforated M&M’s Kirby Puckett in my ‘food’ section and found out that it was originally a two-piece uncut sheet. Two weeks later, I find one at a show. Couldn’t turn down that sign from the gods. Here’s the back :imageSUCH RED, MUCH BLIND.
But do you eat the red ones last?

1965 Topps, #3. Mickey Mantle, Boog Powell, Harmon Killebrew. What’s more needed to say? Other than it knocked another need off the list. :).imageCouldn’t pass up a 1967 poster of Tony-O for under 5$. Maybe I’ll get it signed with a snazzy catch phrase like my Rod Carew.imageHow’s that for a belt? Loosely related to the Oliva, I found this Fran Tarkenton for around the same price range, I actually didn’t realize it said ‘GIANTS’ until I made it home. Purple uniform, name matched. Oh well, I haven’t even fully committed to collecting the Vikings.

Spent a good while rambling with our friends from Austin, sharing stories about old players, miscuts and variations, and the such – he’s got a good lead on a 1955 PSA4 Harmon Killebrew that has my wallet crying. He also allowed me to photograph some gorgeous 1887 Allen & Ginter cards, including a panel piece. One day….

Soent some talking to Rich about 70s/80s TCMA/SSPC issues and how the minor league sets don’t have all the checklists in full in more recent price guides. I guess it makes sense that they were limited profit per page by the publisher, but it’s also a shame. If anyone else is in the same spot, he suggested checking price books from 15 years or so back – or using one of Beckett’s online pages. Makes sense with the last bit of the junk wax boom, over inflated interest in the hobby I suppose.

Oh, I suppose I should spotlight the true show highlight:imageSigned book with a touching tribute from 1950s-1960s great Wally Moon. Very nice and personable, seemed to enjoy talking with fans both young and old. Another great show hosted by Rich and the crew in Dallas, cannot wait till December!

Now playing: Smashing Pumpkins – 1979.