Holiday shopping.

So, we went to Dayton to see the ladyfriend’s family, my first time back in Ohio in a decade. I wish it were under better circumstances – death in the family – but we made the best of it. Including our weirdest card store run-in, ever. That’s saying a bit much.

The store wasn’t wasn’t inviting, clutter everywhere, stacks of cards mixed between CCGs, action figures, and comic books. On top of this, their cheap bins were 2-5$, which would be fine if the subjects fit, but base rookie cards from the junk wax era need not apply anymore. I know it’s Ohio, but they do know it’s not 1991, right? So, okay, no base for me. They did have a real nice display case that could have doubled as a plexiglas gun range-esque divider seen below. Slightly more well known players, rookies, and prospects on display, they did have a faded Bobby Allison, but for 40$? Narp. There was a two row box marked 1958-1977 that caught my eye, but the owner/clerk said these weren’t for sale – only what’s displayed in cases are for sale. Now, I don’t have the MBA that my father has, but that doesn’t make much business sense. I could understand if they were a sentimental, weren’t priced yet, or any number of other reasons, but they flat out admitted none of those were the case, they just wouldn’t sell them….


I did like their sectioned out by team, player, etc. area.. but again these weren’t for sale. Also, for a store near Cincinnati, they surprisingly only carried Browns items. Odd choice. More window shopping and several rude, staring, and snide comments from clerks later, and we decided to leave.


Your standard fare of overpriced vintage cards.


They did have two 1950 Bowman cards I needed, including an unsigned(!) Eddie Robinson, as well as a Allison Topps Stamp from 1962 that I couldn’t pass over for .50 cents… As we were about to leave I noticed a set of 1914 blankets stacked(behind the for sale plexiglas!!) but they had football players on them. Either someone knows a really good seamstress, or there’s a football parallel that was issued around the same time. They weren’t college felt premiums either, they had names stitched into the fabric, I just didn’t get that much of a look in my rush to check out.

Layout: 3/5.
Clear areas denoting different hobbies with little merging of sections, use of a backroom/storage facility for ‘not for sale’ items, and more walking space would definitely improve the store…
Stock: 2/5.
I’ve seen less non-junk wax, but one small window with new product, what are you Target or Walmart? Displayed not for sale items, with no indication they’re not for sale? Poor business practice.
Staff: 3/5.
Over run by holiday shoppers aside, snide clerks with no attitude for new customers won’t win you new, repeat customers. Didn’t earn this one either.
Overall: 3/5.
If they’d realize it’s not 1999 anymore by slashing prices and having current stock, they’d probably have better sales…but they seemed content with disarray and comic sales. Their business, not mine.

It’s sad when the most reasonable setup is at an arcade for an obscene amount of time, tickets, and money.



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