December card show.

January’s DFW metroplex card show features ex-Senators Eddie Robinson as a signing guest, who as Wikipedia states:

Robinson is the last living person to win the World Series with the Cleveland Indians, as well as the oldest living player to play on a World Series-winning team, and the oldest living member of the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees.

So you just know I’ll be in attendance with MLB ball in hand. :). I just love picking up old MLB player’s autographs, as seen here. Before that happens though, I’d like to cover December’s show!

I started with visiting the Arkansas super-collector/flipper who had new Heritage to check, before I could get too deep though, Angela interrupted this to lemme know Matt and Rich had things for me as well(Sidenote, both are Twitter must follows.). Things they had indeed!

Matt had this amongst other pickups set aside for me. Sam Rice in black and white. I had never seen these before – I assumed they were Exhibits just based on their appearance. Rich said he thought they were ’36 Goudey Wide Pen Premiums. Google and teamsets4u – my go to for checklists – disagreed. I did a reverse google image search, and the results were that it’s even older! a 1929 Kashin Publications R316 card. Produced in the New York area, with Charles Conlon posed photographs, some of which were also featured in W553/W554 sets. Wonderful addition to my vintage collection…even if it’s not really a Twins player, but a Twins franchisee.

Matt had even more kryptonite for me, blank back Twins. 1988T, 1992T not exactly desirable – but who can’t love Shane “I always slide in my cards” Mack, and Kirby Puckett?!?

This stack of hawkey started my obsession from the previous post. What’s not to love about new vintage? None newer than 79/80. :). Lou Nanne, Cesare Maniago and more – North Stars greats from before my time.

Speaking of 70s cards, these were scribbled on by some random guys… He had more, but these three were the first to be picked up, there’s gonna be more shows. :). I took one look at that 1970T Bob Miller and knew I had to have it.

Matt also raided a storage locker for junk wax packs to rip. These aren’t being ripped though. :). Twins on front/back packs…or how I learned to stop worrying and love the hoard.

Not junk wax: a 1985 Fleer cello pack. Of course, I opened it, and amongst the busts and junk wax, I found these two guys about four cards apart in the middle of the cello:


I heard they were pretty good at the based ball. If you zoom in, the Clemens even has a small printer’s cut line on the bottom. I also opened up many, many 1988/1989 Score packs, which yielded the infamous nut scratcher(unedited!) card:


Knowing we both share a love for mis-cut cards, errors/variations and other oddities, he showed me his newest PC pickup, a 2001 Topps Traded miscut Albert Pujols!


Rich also had a small stack set aside for me. Heritage/Flagship buybacks. Straight into the strange/vintage insert binder these went. ’58,’60’,64,’74,’77 – can’t go wrong with those years, especially a Hall of Fame member, fan favorite in Sievers, and a future manager of the team in Goryl.



I spent the rest of the show talking about baseball, vintage cards, and taste testing different aged gum. 1981 Fleer tasted the best, 1989 Topps the worst, in my opinion. Can’t wait for this weekend’s show!

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