The blog would like to speak…

As NightOwl’s blog does frequently, this blog would like to speak… as my collection has grown beyond just baseball, you’ll now start seeing more Vintage North Stars/Wild posts. Potentially some Star Wars Card Trader posts too. I love twitter as a social media platform but the 140 character limit can be a pain trying to discuss subjects we love, welcome to the solution. Despite their talks of expanding to 10,000 characters allowed per tweet, this is much more convenient.

First off, #FuckNormGreen. So, I finally got a checklist of 1967-1980 cards to chase – OPC and Topps. It’s a start, and I’ll eventually get around to 1980-1993 and beyond. I’ll probably even add more companies, who knows? Some day… I still love my Twins, but in the off-season, the Vikings have disappointed in new ways, far too many times. Plus, I find hawkey has much more excitement. Or maybe it’s just that we tend to do better in the high school/NCAA/NHL ranks as a state than as in football. *shrug*.

Secondly, just because I’ll be adding some hawkey stuff, don’t flee for greener pastures re: baseball blogs. Spring training is right around the corner, pitchers and catchers report soon! Which also means Series 1 is due out soon. My poor, poor wallet….

Finally, feel free to ignore the last post. Just a team checklist for S1 – more of a reference for when I’m at trade shows, trading on twatter. But you probably did anyway… :(.

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