Library of Congress

Late night reading of Reddit usually results in cats, Star Wars gifs and popcorn-inducing drama threads, but last night was different. On the /r/baseballcards sub I found this interesting blog post which cross-referenced known T205/T206 to photos from the Library of Congress’ archives. They even overlaid the images to compare for yourself. I think I’d have gone blind trying to zoom in and focus that much.

Speaking of the invaluable Library of Congress, if you’re so inclined you should check out their baseball card section.


The screenshot from above is the landing page for their collection, details how it came about, and has information on their digitization efforts. You’re doing a dis-service to not check out these vintage cards saved and preserved for all to view. Check them out here.

The blog speaks: More posts coming, next card show on January 31st, #MinnesotaSports sprotsing….that time of year.

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