January 31st Card Show!

It’s been awhile since our last card show. Two weeks! I didn’t pick up as much this time, nor were there any signatures to get, but I did pick these up – highlights below:


Outfielder Miguel Sano. Still not used to hearing that. Dude can mash though. +/- 30 home runs this year? I’ll say 36, tapering off at the end of the season. If the Twins are going to be in contention, they’ll need his lively bat.


Some parallels of Twins/Senators. Not sure whether I needed these or not, but always good to have dupes for TTM mailing. :]. Do yourself a favor and watch this video of the still spry Conrado “Connie” Marrero in his native Cuba. He recalls a game in that clip where Ted Williams smacked two dingers against him – a date which bbref would put as August 11th, 1954. While you’re checking links, do yourself a favor and read Corey Koskie’s write-up on The Player’s Tribune.


Early/Mid-90s Fleer inserts. Again, I think I may have one or two of these, and until I get the card database up and running with all 10,000+ unique entries, I’ll have to suffer with dupes. Such blind, much foil. 



But Tris Speaker never played for the Senators you say! He’s even wearing a Cleveland Indians uniform! Oh, but he did! 1927. Plus, my collection knows no limits. I had a Todd Walker like this, but not this specific card. To the minor league binder it goes….


Speaking of card #’s. Had these handed to me by Matt. Can’t complain about a “relic” and a #/d 199 Denard Span.

20160202_123850 20160202_123855

The big pickup from this show though was another 1914 Blanket. Longtime Washington Senators player, and eventual manager – George McBride. Great name but not so talented player, despite having four consecutive years of MVP ballot mentions none higher than 14th, George finished his career with a .214 batting average, 1203 hits, and 447 RBIs in 1,660 games played.

Can’t wait for the next show!

On-deck: More card show highlight/pickups – 70s printing error/misprint edition. Also, maybe a guest post by the litte lady.
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