2016 Topps Series One review

Warm weather is returning to the South and with that new baseball card products. This week’s new product is the Topps Flagship, Series One. This set marks the beginning of the season for me. The collecting continuance of all the Twins Team sets vintage into the modern era.  So to christen the season, I went to Target.


Overall the variety in this box was pretty decent for being a $20 retail box. You come to expect certain things from products, and this one is a plain jane. The design and maybe configuration changes, but you know what you’re getting before opening the product. I got several inserts and base cards from a variety of teams for a change. I however do not like this year’s design. The team logos in the bottom corners are cut off by a very digital looking bar. This makes the “Twins” team name look like “wins”. Which the Minnesota sports teams of late do not do.

20160202_192409First Twin of the year goes to Kurt Suzuki. I found him hanging out in the 2nd real pack of the box. The first pack highlight was Ryan Braun and the blaster special MLB Debut coin was Mike Trout. Not bad.

Twins were found in the next several packs after the second pack, 3 players, 4 total, Kurt Suzuki, Glen Perkins, and Blaine Boyer. Kurt Suzuki was the king of the box with a base card and a numbered to 2016 gold border parallel.

The new product to me just doesn’t feel as sexy as vintage cardboard. Designs get more and more digitized into perfection. Everyone is searching for the next great hit, whereas I’m sitting here collecting moldy cardboard…


Next up: our first card show as sellers!


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