Sometimes Beckett is right

…or how I learned to trust Beckett’s online search function.

When my high school coach’s son was up for the draft I made the commitment to collect anything and everything I could. When he drafted by the Twins in the 1st round, as a comp pick (under the old rules) 33rd overall, that only heightened my excitement to start the collection. Shortly thereafter, Bowman Draft provided my first chance to pick up my Ryan Eades player collection.

I went to Beckett and Cardboard Connection to get a checklist of all the parallels. Followed shortly by 2014 Bowman and Bowman Sterling. A spreadsheet was quickly created and ebay purchases helped fill out the missing Eades needs. I quickly realized that Ebay, COMC, or any of the other major sites never had one parallel ever listed so I removed it from my checklist.  That year’s Bowman Sterling had “Japan Fractors”

I’m assuming these boxes were released to that Pacific/Far East region to expand the Collect-averse. Plus only five were produced, or so they said. Well, last week I was proven wrong when #1/5 was listed from Honolulu, Hawaii. Needless to say, it’s now in a better home after a best offer was accepted. Check it out. :).



I LOVE those fractor tracks. Definitely different, makes the design pop more. Also in the same mail day, I picked up a dupe #/10 Leaf Memories. I really liked the idea of using 1990 Leaf as a base design. If they have access to them, I wouldn’t mind seeing Leaf use some of their back catalog in a Heritage-style set. Especially 1949 or 1950 Leaf.



The back is lacking any stats which is a big negative, but makes up for it by using the QR code. Something so simple to create, I wish more companies would incorporate them.

How cool would it be to scan a jersey relic and see the before, during, and after process of creating your specific card? Or maybe seeing the player sign your card? A special message from the player? Seems like a lot of missed opportunities to me.

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