March 6th Adat Chaverim show

Another weekend, another card show. We’re right in the middle of a six or seven weekend stretch with card shows, while most would love to have that sort of card heaven, my wallet is hurting. We had planned to set up as sellers either for Rich’s show, or for the two day show that’s coming in a few weeks. I just didn’t think we’d have enough for the two day show, and was proven right. We went to Rich’s show with seven 5,000 count boxes and left with two at the end of the day. We’ll still attend the two day show though as there’s an ex-Twin, Pat Mahomes, signing. He’s no Twins Hall of Famer like Brad Radke or Bert Blyleven, but he still suited up for us.

So we arrive 45 minutes before the show and were instantly greeted by our Arkansas dealers Mike and Kyle. They too were “late” to setup but said they had a few surprises for us. We started to unload Angela’s truck when they commented they just picked up a really nice Kirby Puckett. Thoughts of an autographed/relics Triple Threads-y card ran through my head when he mentioned that it was his earliest Puckett he’d ever seen. I’ve done enough research to know that could mean either a 1983 minor league card, or an 1984 Fleer Update. My research checked out when Kyle handed me the 1983 Tyson Visalia Oaks minor league team set, with Kirby Puckett. He also handed me a binder with miscellaneous oddball stuff inside it and said he just picked these up, and knew I’d love most of it. He wasn’t lying as I picked up all of the below, and the signed Luis Tiant featured further down for under 15$.

As we were bringing in our last load of boxes Matt stopped us and told us his stopped by the police story where they probably assumed he was a drug smuggler from Mexico with his stacks and stacks of cards. After being searched, he said he just barely made it into town for the show. It’s always nice to catch up with him as he’s a great story teller with plenty to share, and he’ll usually bring up some junk wax boxes…which I shouldn’t need to tell ya I love. ;).
Cc5L9a-UkAAqLF4So we setup and have a few sales and trades, including a trade that saw me giving up a Johnny Manziel chrome #/399 base rookie card for Vikings or Twins. The Manziel trader who was also a dealer, showed me his Vikings stuff first and I settled on a few. But that was before he showed me his Twins cards. I instantly took the Ryan Eades chrome and asked if he’d accept that in trade and explained the Eades collection. We added a few more to each side and went about the show.
Cc9PANtVAAEyfBaCc9LhRzUIAAb4GzAt this show in particular Rich has grab bags with redemption slips for various prizes which we tried a few of, and donated or sold most of our prizes. Angela insisted she wanted the Indians 8×10 autographed photos. Fair enough.

It was about this time that Kyle came back around and added a few more things for me to look at including a few posters, folders, and 8x10s. At a few dollars a piece I couldn’t go wrong, but he also showed me this cap signed by Harmon Killebrew.
Cc9Fy9uUYAEKw-ICc9FzkxUYAA3OGFThere’s some disputes about how the store he bought it from obtained it, but the story goes that the card shop nearest the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown occasionally picked up stuff from the Hall and this was one of them. A game used, signed, Harmon Killebrew cap. The card store went out of business recently(something I had heard elsewhere also), and sold a majority of their inventory really cheap. I had no doubts the autograph was real I own several on different objects and this looked in-line with my other memorabilia. So now I’m on the hook for some oddball stuff, the first ever Kirby Puckett issued card, and a signed Harmon Killebrew gamer. I was prepared to offer up my entire showcase to bring down the price, but was floored when he only wanted 200 for everything… The Kirby Puckett rookie alone averages 150-200$ on ebay in ungraded form, and upwards of 1200$ with a decent PSA grade. I saw two auctions for Killer game used caps and found two – one with no autograph that sold for 600$, and another that sold with autograph and certificate of authenticity for 1200$. By far my biggest steal of a deal ever, and the cap alone made my month.

I was able to sell a few boxes as a whole to a few people and went to searching other dealers, including someone who posted on the new DFW card show Facebook group. Apparently he’s a senior VP for Beckett Media, and was selling a variety of different sports, several discount auto/relic/insert boxes, and a few show pieces. Kin had come by earlier and showed me two Ryan Eades Elite Extra Edition autographs he found and set them aside for me. I knew I had to search the other discount boxes, and found several I wanted at 1$ a piece. I also found this card for CardJunk:
Cc9MghYUIAABP_PCc9LuprVAAI6L4OCc9LAMpUYAEdYZkStale Gum on the Twitters was in town to catch opening night for MLS, and came to the card show as well. After handing him the stuff I had set aside for him, he went to the previously mentioned insert box and pulled many of them. I settled with the Beckett dealer and saw he had a cheap Fran Tarkenton 1962 rookie. I’m still on the fence about collecting non-baseball cards, but for the price I paid for Frannie I figured when/if I choose to chase Vikings I wouldn’t have to worry how much I’d have to pony up.
Cc-JEP-VAAAStC0As we were packing up we saw a frequent big spender had bought an uncut sheet of Panini basketball and asked if he’d let us take a picture or three, which he didn’t mind. The sheet only had one Timberwolves player, a shame. He said he picked the sheet up because of the Steph Curry rookie. He’s got a legit shot at MVP this year and I only wish the Twolves had drafted him instead of Johnny Flynn after already picking up Ricky Rubio that draft a few years back. Curry, Rubio, Towns, Wiggins, LaVine, Garnett… I don’t know what to do with this basketball boner…what could have been.
Cc9Uc2lVAAAcOGDCc9UedvUYAAb0iOCc9UhPtUkAARjwHRight before we left Matt threw a bunch of junk wax packs our way, the 1968 Topps Rod Carew above, and a box of 1989 Donruss. I pulled one Inc/Inc. variation I needed for my Twins collection, and this weird print error:
Cc9DAloUMAArq8BOverall we broke even with what we spent/sold, but this was by far the best show I’ve been to for Minnesota sports pickups. A game used item, two key rookies, and a bunch of oddball without breaking the bank too much, plus several sold boxes out of my living room. This show will be hard to beat at future shows. :).

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