Topps Opening Day – Twins checklist

Base Set
Foil – #’d/2016
Black Border – 1/1
Four Printing Plates – 1/1 each.
OD-43 Max Kepler
OD-52 Miguel Sano
OD-97 Joe Mauer
OD-124 Trevor Plouffe
OD-140 Glen Perkins

Alternate Reality
10 Miguel Sano

Heavy Hitters
HH5 Miguel Sano

M-10 TC Bear

Opening Day Stars
ODS-23 Miguel Sano

Superstar Celebrations
SC-11 Brian Dozier

Opening Day Autographs
ODA-MS Miguel Sano

Opening Day Relics
ODR-JM Joe Mauer

Opening Day is what it is, the usual inserts return, mascot cards, small easy to collect base set. I’ve always liked it, and this year looks like a good mix of players. Plus, there’s only one parallel excluding 1/1 cards. This year looks to be the year Sano replaces Dozier/Mauer/Perkins as the Twins representative in everything. Not even mad. Release date set for Wednesday 3/16/16.


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