YACS: Yet another card show. March 13th.

Another weekend, another card show. This was probably the 6th show in a row, with the big two day show coming up March 19-20th. To say that people are drained of looking at moldy cardboard is an understatement. Yesterday’s show was also the slowest I’ve seen in awhile, with most transactions being between dealers. Id venture a guess, they’re probably stocking up for next weekend’s shows. We did get asked if we’d help assist the two show signers on the 19th. The regular helper is going to be outta town, and Rich asked us to step in his place. Help keep company with Lindy McDaniel? Yeah, sure!

So we walked in a few hours into the show, right as Rich and Matt were wondering aloud where we were, and how the show is so close to our place. Speak thy name, and we shalt appear. Twitter was a buzz from Matt teasing his showcase, with replies for us to live tweet or periscope his boxes. Naturally we obliged. Chosing select cards and sending out pictures on twitter(here, here, here, here, here, and here with more further down in the replies) and went live on periscope showing off some key football stars and rookies.

By the end of the show we had a small stack from dime boxes, some stuff we questioned whether we had this version or that(1959/60 Topps white and grey backs, 1952 Topps red/black backs), a Buxton Chrome die-cut, a 1987 Topps NFL cello, and a few odds and ends vintage cards. After checking my binders and boxes, we swung a trade for the vintage Senators and dimebox stuff. We also traded a stack of 20 or so 1$ misc bin stuff for a 1985 Topps Tiffany Kirby Puckett, a win in my book. For the final trade of the night, I parted with a 2011 Topps Update Mike Trout .for a graded 1955 Harmon Killebrew(picture soon). Duh, umm, yes please!

While Mike Trout is a huge star at the moment, but that Killer is a bigger need for my team set(finishes off the year!). Sure it’s nice to have one of the highest priced base rookies at the moment, but we have a few extras, and team sets trump all in my collection.

With my 1955 Topps team set completed as of the Harmon Killebrew rookie, I only have 1951(3), 1952(10), 1953(5), 1957(only the team card), and 1959(Only missing Harmon Killebrew’s #515) left for my Washington Senators sub-team set. I always figured we would finish the Twins first as they’re newer, and more easily available, but they’re neck and neck with the Senators. I’m down to only needing 20 Senators cards over five years vs 18 Twins cards remaining across eight years.

The last two weekends has seen us knock out two Kirby Puckett(Topps Tiffany, Tyson minor league) rookies, Harmon Killebrew’s Topps rookie, a game used Killer cap, as well as many set fillers. We cannot wait for the two day show!

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