Over ten years ago I injured myself playing baseball. I sought physical therapy, had a surgery to repair a torn labrum. Things never quite worked out for me afterwards. While a  teammate is in the big leagues, and my coach’s son is in the Twins minor league system, I’ll undergo the surgeon’s knife again this Friday. This time to try a capsular plication.

It’s probably just my high school’s tenth reunion this summer that’s got my mind on alternate realities where none of this happened. Probably better off, regardless, for had I not been injured I probably wouldn’t have rejoined the #Collect-a-verse. Either way…I’ll let Another__Castle take the reins on posting for awhile while I rehab, and I’ll return to post with hopefully some major pickups!

Ignore her grammar mistakes, and put away the pitchforks. She won’t be in charge long, hopefully. I have a few ideas to rant about for when I come back, including another peek inside the 1965 Twins program, 70s miscuts and errors, a card show? Maybe even a 1964 year in review – bringing the blog back to it’s roots.

For now, enjoy this.



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