Withdrawal symptoms.

No, not related to my shoulder – that’s remaining well medicated for now… but without a show until nearly the middle of May, there’s not much to look forward to, so the local card shops have gotten plenty of our money. Most recently we bought four more boxes of 2013 Panini Perennial Draft Picks. I’ll highlight each below.

Box 1 definitely had the best value I think, with this Carlos Correa #/d to 100 insert. Shame it was the first pack of the break… :/.

20160426_170623234235Base – 102 including Maikel Franco(Philadelphia), 2x Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL), Rock Shoulders(Chicago AL), Archie Bradley(Arizona), Mookie Betts(Boston), Kyle Zimmer(Kansas City), Gregory Polanco(Pittsburgh), Carlos Correa(Houston), Joey Gallo(Texas), 2x Jose Abreu(Chicago AL/Cuba National Team).

Inserts – 7 Total.
4 2013 Draft Class(Phillip Ervin, Cincinnati; Michael Lorenzen, Cincinnati; Josh Hart, Baltimore; Ian Clarkin, New York AL)
2 Minors Gold(Tom Murphy, Colorado; Kohl Stewart, Minnesota)
1 Draft Hits(Micah Johnson, Chicago AL)

Prizm – 5 Total
2 Base(Chris Kohler, Oakland; Rock Shoulders, Chicago AL)
1 2013 Draft Class(Rob Kaminsky, St. Louis), 1 Minors Gold(Tom Murphy, Colorado)
2 Draft Hits(Joc Pederson, Los Angeles NL; Tom Murphy, Colorado)
Enough Tom Murphy cards!!! #ThanksPanini.

Prizm #/d – 1 Base(Carlos Correa!, Houston #/050/100).

Autographs – Rosell Herrera, Colorado; Miguel Almonte, Kansas City, #/75 blue prizm redemption; Kaleb Cowart, Los Angeles AL, Prizm; Austin Wilson, Seattle, #020/100 red prizm.

20160426_170428Twins – 1 Minors Gold insert(Kohl Stewart), 5 Base(D.J. Baxendale, Stuart Turner, 2x Stephen Gonsalves, Brian Navarreto).

Box 2 was pretty average. Nothing overly special, relatively weak prizm and #/d group, and a headache with the Mike/Michael O’Neill autos in the same box. Even the backs of the cards mention the confusion.

Base – 103 including Carlos Correa, Joey Gallo, Archie Bradley, Maikel Franco, Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL), Jose Abreu(Chicago AL/Cuba National Team), Gregory Polanco, 2x Rock Shoulders(Chicago NL), Kyle Zimmer amongst others.

Inserts – 7 Total.
2 Minors Gold(D.J. Peterson, Seattle; Archie Bradley, Arizona)
1 Draft Hits(Stetson Allie, Pittsburgh)
4 2013 Draft Class(Kohl Stewart, Minnesota; Dominic Smith, New York NL; Eric Jagielo, New York AL; Aaron Judge, New York AL).

Prizm – 5 Total.
2 Base(Joey Gallo, Texas; Colby Suggs, Miami)
1 Minors Gold(Courtney Hawkins, Chicago AL)
1 Draft Hits(Tom Murphy, Colorado)
1 2013 Draft Class(Chris Anderson, Los Angeles NL).
Gallo probably the best of the bunch, but that’s not too saying much.

Prizm #/d – 1 Base(Micah Johnson, Chicago AL #14/75).

Autographs – Dixon Machado, Detroit Prizm; Hunter Dozier, Kansas City Prizm; Michael O’Neill, New York AL; Mike O’Neill, St. Louis, #024/100.
If you’re curious – it’s Michael O’Neill that’s related to Paul(his son).

20160426_170459Twins – 4 Base(Ryan Walker, 2x Brian Navarreto, D.J. Baxendale, Stuart Turner, D.J. Baxendale, Stephen Gonsalves), 1 2013 Draft Class – Kohl Stewart. I think that’s a team set in one box. Very nice. :).

Box 3 A few inserts of players I’ve heard of, good base collation, but weak signature grouping. Also, another Kaleb Cowart. :/.

Base – 103 including Carlos Correa(Houston), Joey Gallo(Texas), Archie Bradley(Arizona), Maikel Franco(Philadelphia), Gregory Polanco(Pittsburgh), Rock Shoulders(Chicago NL), 2x Kyle Zimmer(Kansas City) amongst others.

Inserts – 7 total.
2 Minors Gold(Mark Appel, Houston; Max Fried, San Diego)
1 Draft Hits(Michael O’Neill, New York AL)
4 2013 Draft Class(Kohl Stewart, Minnesota; Dominic Smith, New York NL; Eric Jagielo, New York AL; Aaron Judge, New York AL). The last of which were exact duplicates of Box 2. #ThanksCollation.

Prizm – 5 total.
2 Base(Walker Gourley, Pittsburgh; Cory Vaughn, New York NL)
1 2013 Draft Class(Andrew Knapp, Philadelphia)
1 Minors Gold(Maikel Franco, Philadelphia)
1 Draft Hits(Chase DeJong, Toronto).

Prizm #/d – 1 All America Team Austin Meadows, Pittsburgh, #3/10.

Autographs – Luis Torrens redemption(who? New York AL), Austin Wilson(Seattle) Prizm, Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL) Prizm, Eric Jagielo(New York AL).

20160426_170525Twins – 4 Base(Ryan Walker, Brian Navarreto, D.J. Baxendale, Stuart Turner), 1 2013 Draft Class – Kohl Stewart.

Box 4 probably has the best mix of the bunch all things considered. Tons of #/d and prizm cards, two nice low #/d autos, and a good mix of prospects.

Base – 101 including Archie Bradley(Arizona), Maikel Franco(Philadelphia), Jose Abreu(Chicago AL/Cuba National Team), Gregory Polanco(Pittsburgh), Kyle Zimmer(Kansas City), Joey Gallo(Texas), Rock Shoulders(Chicago NL), Mookie Betts(Boston), Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL)…

Inserts – 7 Total.
2 Minors Gold(Archie Bradley, Arizona; D.J. Peterson, Seattle)
1 Draft Hits(Dustin Peterson, San Diego)
4 2013 Draft Class(D.J. Peterson, Seattle; Ian Clarkin, New York AL; Michael Lorenzen, Cincinnatti; Sean Manaea, Kansas City).

Prizm – 5 Total.
2 Base(Devon Travis, Detroit; Tom Windle, Los Angeles NL)
1 Draft Hits(Carson Kelly, St. Louis)
1 Minors Gold(Carlos Correa!, Houston)
1 2013 Draft Class(Riley Unroe, Tampa Bay).

20160426_182539-1Prizm #/d – 3 Total.
1 Base(Vincent Velasquez, Houston #75/75)
1 Press Clippings(Jacob May, Chicago AL)
1 First Overall Picks 1967(Ron Blomberg New York AL, 15/20).

serial.pngI nearly missed the last two as they look like a regular insert. I hadn’t seen either however so that tipped me off that they might be numbered – checking the back confirmed as such. I absolutely dislike(but respect) the evil empire so all of the Yankees cards is a big minus for this box.

Autographs – Roberto Osuna(Toronto), #84/100; Marco Gonzalez(St. Louis), #002/100; Cory Vaughn(New York NL); Micah Johnson(Chicago AL).

20160426_170553Twins – 5 Base(Ryan Walker, Brian Navarreto, D.J. Baxendale, Stephen Gonsalves, Stuart Turner).


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