2016 Topps Finest checklist.

Topps Finest releases soon, and the checklist is now out. With a pretty good mix of Twins in the autograph section, I may take my chances on a “you pick em” team styled break. Then again, ebay team sets, with an auto or two is still probably cheaper. Miguel Sano and Max Kepler are rookie cards, meanwhile Park is still without a ‘base’ rookie. I wonder if they fixed Kepler’s birth date issue from 2010 Bowman Chrome where he was listed as being born in 1983, not 1993. Maybe the shortest overall release checklist yet. With an assist from Trader Cracks here, here’s the Twins 2016 Topps Finest checklist:

31 Byron Buxton
41 Brian Dozier
69 Miguel Sano
94 Max Kepler
Finest Autographs:
FA-BPA Byung-Ho Park
Finest Firsts Autographs:
FFA-MS Miguel Sano
Finest Greats Autographs:
FGA-RC Rod Carew
Finest Firsts:
FF-MS Miguel Sano
Franchise Finest:
FF-BD Brian Dozier


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