Mini-soda vacation

I wish it were a stay-cation :(. Sorry about the checklist spam, I was behind a few posts. However, we recently made a trip to Mecc…I mean Minnesota and we naturally picked up goodies while we were there. Namely a marriage license, agreement papers for our venue and the hotel we’re having the reception at, but also some sprots-ing stuff.

We planned to have the last two days of our vacation to ourselves, free to do whatever we wanted in the Twin Cities. Which normally means looking for good deals on Twins stuff, checking out the sites, and eating at restaurants we just don’t have in Texas. ‘Topher suggested we check out 3 Stars sports cards in Roseville as that’s where he gets all of his breaking supplies.

Definitely worth the trip as they had a few Topps Twins I needed on my checklist – namely a ’63 rookie stars high series, a ’65 Harmon Killebrew, a ’65 O-Pee-Chee Jim Kaat, and the ’61 team card! As well, they had a few Ryan Eades that weren’t new but were cheap enough to pickup. Surprisingly they had plenty of vintage including Exhibits, 50s era Topps, and a few T206s(of which, Another__Castle kept looking at a cheap Nap Lajoie…still have some conditioning to do with her… lol). But I think the best thing they had were Fleer/Laughlin ’60s and ’70s unopened wax packs. So naturally, we left with unopened packs of 1968/70 Fleer/Laughlin Official MLB Iron-Ons1974/75 Fleer/Laughlin Real Cloth Baseball Patches/Pioneers of Baseball1978 Fleer Baseball Stickers/Grand Slam Hi-Gloss Stickers, 1984 Fleer Stickers, as well as 1982 and 1984 O-Pee-Chee, and some misc. stuff. Well, I say unopened – but as you can see from the links above, they were quickly ripped. I did see a few printing sheets in the corner – the usual ’89, ’90, but also an ’83. Overall a very dangerous store for us.

After leaving there we headed to Dairy Queen for a butterscotch dilly bar – a childhood favorite. Texas stores usually have chocolate and cherry, but never butterscotch. Joining this with Taco John’s potato oles – we’re obviously blessed with many Tex/Mex joints in Texas, but not Taco Johns – another childhood favorite. After a few Prince locales(Lake Minnetonka, Paisley Park, 1st Avenue), and the recently renamed Pachyderm Recording Studios – now Seedy Underbelly North, we headed to Eden Prairie Center, the mall that Mallrats was filmed in. Inside there was almost no mention of Mallrats, a shame :(.

However, they did have a FanHQ – a store that caters to having sports gear, memorabilia, and clothing from the local sports teams. Apparently, the store was hosting a Moritz Böehringer signing event as we were boarding the plane to return to Texas. A shame :(.

We did pick up a chunk of Metrodome turf that I noticed after we left was used from ’87-’93. Thinking about all the history, and later misery this chunk of turf saw in those years is something special that I’ll always cherish in my collection. It did make me wonder whether there were chunks from ’82-86, or ’93-’09. We also picked up these retail Topps team sets, which I’ve already compared to the regular issued sets and have a post planned for the differences.

A few Twins/Wild tee-shirts later and we headed for Texas. Missing “home” all the more, but we’ll be back in July!


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