Praise be Net54! – June 11th Show

A few weekends back there were another set of shows Saturday and Sunday. I can’t really complain though, we spent most of the time chatting with friends and breaking 90s junk wax Saturday, and Sunday(see next post for Sunday review) picking up a few vintage miscut cards, and some nice Kirby Puckett relics.

For Saturday’s show, Matt brought up more storage unit boxes, and I couldn’t resist breaking a few… Namely the 1985 Donruss All-Star Game pop-ups( which features the 1985 All-Star Game at the Metrodome as a back drop), 1990 Donruss(Chasing Inc/Inc.), 1991 Donruss(Inc/Inc.), 1991 Topps (UV/Non-UV), and two boxes of 1995 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice. For the most part these were time killing boxes. In the Collector’s Choice boxes we did pull two Derek Jeter “rookies”, two A-Rod, and a slew of checklist fillers from 1995. Look for a future post featuring all of the gold/silver “signatures” and inserts we pulled.

Outside of that though, and an explanation of the post title, I bought a few cards from Net54‘s owner Leon. In one of his display cases he had a 1951 Bowman 3$ binder. Too good to turn down, and I picked up four or so that while the conditions aren’t the greatest, they fill a hole missing on the checklist.

After paying however I noticed he had a stack in another case that interested me. 1951 Bowman cards with a blank back, and the front images are obscured by a double printing of another card’s back text. No, he didn’t have any Mickey Mantle double prints either, though he said he wish he did. Obvious statement is obvious, would’ve been worth some serious $$$ if he had one or more…


They’re very, very interesting cards and unique – something we’ll probably never see again or from any other vendor. He also had triple exposure front images but I had already overspent my budget. :/.


But how could you turn these down?? The Haynes/Miller especially, it’s in great condition for its age and probably would have graded well if it were printed properly originally…

Overall Saturday was fun. Killed some time, saw friends, chased variations. Perfect start to the weekend.


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