So now that the wedding is complete, the finest 1/1 was finally added to my collection. ;). Now there’s a week or so lull in time before our trip starts for the National. I’ve never been up the east coast(North Carolina count?), or further east than the Ohio border for that matter. Our planned honeymoon to Atlantic City and upstate New York should be a fun trip though. I’ve been through most of the western states(missing Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska), and I’ll look forward to crossing a few off my list.

It’s been a slow month for cards, but I did receive a trade package from Nachos Grande knocking off a few Fleer Tradition cards from 2000. We had a trade years ago where I sent him a huge chunk of the 2011 diamond parallels, and both were great trades for us, and he runs a great read of a blog.

In new set round-up – Allen & Ginter comes out soon. I love the set, but I just can’t be compelled to collect it as much as I did in years past. That said, I’ll probably bust a box at the National and pickup a team set online. I’m not much of a fan of Topps/Bowman chrome. The umpteenth parallels may be a “necessary evil” for investors and sellers but kills my hopes of master team set building. Another bothersome problem with the product, the incestuous relationship of the Bowman Chrome rookies set in Topps Chrome. Sure, they feel the need to pump out more rookie cards hoping one pans out to be the next Kris Bryant or Manny Machado – but couldn’t that be reserved for Bowman and Bowman Chrome? Again, investor types killing off the team collectors… but enough about #ThanksTopps, Panini is trying their hand with a similar set.

Panini Optic as they’re calling it, looks interesting. An 80 card box with an averaged two autographs, 4 parallels per box with flashback mid to late 80s Donruss designs making their appearance again. The junkie collector in me is intrigued. Numbered cards and fancy parallels don’t pull me in, but they look similar in production quality and print run to previous Panini releases(Prizm). Hot boxes produce 5 autos or 20 parallels as previewed in the blog post. Should be a fun set, but I wish they would release more than one Donruss set a year!

All in all, more posts are on the way and The National honeymoon will provide content for months I’m sure… Up next however is a round table discussion with some twats about junk wax. What makes junk wax sets, junky? What were our favorite junk set/s? Favorite card/s? Find out more soon. :).