Prior to the National I received good and bad news. A heads up for regular readers, this post won’t really be card related – feel free to wait for my National reviews for day one, two, three and four in the coming days, plus the card show this past weekend. I mostly just need to rant…

I’ve always had bouts with asthma and high temperatures(108°+ at one point) – I was even declared legally dead at one point(2 years old) from a febrile/fever induced seizure. When growth spurts began happening as they do in young adulthood, the pain in my knees was almost unbearable. I’ve been told by my parents that it kept me up most nights. I’d always been seen as a bit of an outcast, but my super flexible fingers(left index being able to touch the back of my hand, both pinkies being able to bend nearly all the way) always mystified classmates. After a car accident a few years back I had two herniated discs(one in my neck and one in my back) that caused great pain for a good while. Even now the neck pain returns every now and then – a lovely reminder of being rear-ended. When the shoulder dislocations started though is when everything was pieced together by my doctors. You see all of the above are common symptoms of Ehler-Danlos Syndrome(EDS). As are frequent cavities and chipping of teeth – check :(, chronic fatigue – check,  and insomnia – check.

So you’d think that wouldn’t be a good thing – just by my matching symptom list – however it’s nice finally knowing a cause. Dealing with pain for the rest of ever isn’t ideal but now at least I know the causant – short of a blood test to officially confirm. I can now plan accordingly and prepare and deal with the symptoms more effectively. While ranty, it’s nice finally knowing what is causing all of these issues. I finally have a support group of similar people who deal with the same issues. While doctors have been calling flexible joints hyper-flexibility for years, research is just now confirming what we’ve all known – something isn’t right.

As I said above, my review of each day at the National is coming soon vicarious card readers. May you eventually make it to your own National. It’s well worth the visit!

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