The National: Day Three

We had intended to be at the show each day on time and early it just never happened that way. If you got to the show early enough, between 11am and noon one of the auction house had their major pieces on display – “The Ty Cobb 7”, a Honus Wagner T206, as well as a game-used Babe Ruth bat. The bat was used during the 1929 season, and hit at least 6 of his career home-runs. Way above my pay-grade, but despite being 2 minutes late, the show attendees allowed me to hold it and take pictures with it.
Excuse the moron, acquire bats. Well, if you can ignore the FBI agents standing nearby, you’d think you had a chance to run off with it. lol. The bat was heavier than I expected, was cool holding a piece of history.
My Babe relic visiting it’s cousin.
Two Babe Ruth autos next to my Babe Ruth relic.
Here it’s visiting the Cobb and Wagner…
…and here’s the Barry Bonds visiting one of it’s relatives.
We stopped by the main show floor to rest our feet later in the afternoon and George from Cryptozoic handed us this Ghostbusters authentic animation card. This was around the time that we got called onto the stage to discuss our National/Cooperstown honeymoon with Ivan.
We finished out our day picking a few vintage cards. I absolutely love these Red Man cards, and one vendor had an entire binder to pull from. Ignore the foods, these were taken shortly after leaving the convention center.
1962 Baseball Bucks, 1970 Stamp Album – with Rod Carew stamped inside it, and a few 70s Fleer issues.
Goudey and Play Ball cards from the late 30s and early 1940s. Made the mistake of grabbing a dupe of the bottom right card. Oops. Pre-war cards are now listed and added to the checklist up above.
1950s Bowman – the 1955 Bowman completing my team set. The 1954 removed one of two at this point that I needed. Win. With the addition of two 1950 Bowman cards, we only need 26 vintage remaining. I’d later finish off 1954 Bowman, as the checklist shows “Complete!” :).
Near the end of the day, we found a vendor near the end of the hall that had 5$ 1952 Topps. Down to high-series remaining with these four picked up. The 1962 Topps brought me down to a similar “Rookie Parade” left for my team set. The 1965 Topps Embossed finished off that set. Very helpful vendor!
I couldn’t resist going back to the cheap vendor from the previous day with 10/1$, or 60/5$. Almost of these were #/d and I know for a fact that the only product here we’ve actually opened were the 2007 Topps Opening Day.

Our final pickups of the day, not too much special here, but for 2$ a card… Logan Morrison adding to that collection, and the Fidrych went to my mom who idolized him as a child.

Of course, all three days we had to avoid the far end of the showroom floor, Topps hosted their several times a day giveaway chant-fest. I still hear “Topps! Topps! Topps! Topps! Topps! Topps! ….” in my nightmares.

#CollectFam Mel, Rich, Eric, and us. Ignore my snake eyes. I don’t selfie well.

For the most part we stayed according to plan and picked up mostly vintage cards, straying a little bit for cheap stuffs. Next year I think we’ll attend planning to *only* pickup vintage cards. Besides – at this point it’s practically all we’ve got left. After we left the show, we went to the boardwalk and dove into the Atlantic Ocean before returning to the hotel to pass out.


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