The National: Day Two

After a late night, we made it to The National around noon for Friday’s show. After our box break yesterday we wanted to focus on either junk wax or vintage cards, preferably vintage. For the most part we spent the day looking around and checking out tables, but we did end up at several dime and quarter boxes pulling mid to late 90s #/d cards.
Two through-the-mail autographs. I understand the divisive nature of purchasing TTM stuff second-hand but I couldn’t complain about a 3$ gamble each. Plus, I mean… Rusty Kuntz – the jokes write themselves.
Some base card pickups, I’m pretty sure these were part of a 10/1$ or 60/5$ bin.

Part of a gift package from Matt. Cool enough dude, especially check out his music review tweets.
Cheap #/d Triple threads cards…. and I didn’t even have to open an over-priced gamble product.
A few of our relic and auto pickups, with one of the Ryan Eades Bowman Sterling autos coming from Jeff.
Angela found these cheaply on the show floor. 1987 set was added to the birth year collection, busted the ’86 set for the Twins inside them. Such a pain to sort due to the shrunken size.
A few pickups for our Austinite friend. Two miscut or misprinted vintage Topps cards, one of them a buyback.

Sir Rodney! Fleer 3000 Club, 1991 Upper Deck hologram error, and a BB-8. 3 for a dollar steals. Woot.

Normally I’d scan these, but most have been put away already since the beginning of the month, and besides these photos were taken during the show! …or some excuse like that. The first booth I remember stopping at had under 10$ Goudey originals, and despite an empty B14 “Blankets” section, the vendor gave us his business card and promised he had more at his store. We ended up leaving with a few 1933 Goudey Senators, and a few 1970s Fleer “Wildest Days” cards. R.G. Laughlin decorated these nice cartoon-y cards, but virtually half the set hasn’t been scanned front and back on any of the regular sites. This makes it hard to make a true 100% checklist for those with collecting problems – any mention of a Senators’ player and like Pokemon, we’ve gotta have it.

From there we hit up the cheap boxes, adding several Donruss, Leaf, and Upper Deck parallels. Our pulling only stopped by the 3 p.m. Blowout giveaway. Once the show closed we had intended to meet up with Robert and see Suicide Squad in the Tropicana theaters, but bought tickets for the showing after his and instead settled on food. The Broadway Burger/Bar was to die for – despite our mix-up. With 20 minutes to our show time I decided to order this tremendous 24 ounce burger – to be surprised by the waiter asking what size shirt I’d wear and warning that they’d be putting my face on the wall if I finished the burger. Oops. First time for everything – and yes I finished it with time to spare. :). The movie was pretty good too, despite what the reviewers have said. Saturday was our final full day at the show, and we intended to pull only vintage cards, wait till you see what we pulled.


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