Loot Locker

Since the pre-war collector days there’s been a few hobby movements that have took off, and plenty more that have flopped. First, with enterprising companies trying to sell tobacco and gum to kids and baseball fans. Then came trying to sell star players in promotional ads for products. Since  ebay came around, there’s been a shift away from brick and mortar shops to online breaks and digital storefronts. Now there’s Loot Locker.

Similiar to Loot Crate, Star Wars Collector’s Bounty, et. al., Loot Locker aims to bring new products delivered to your doorstep monthly. We talked with their creator at The National, and had actually been looking forward to subscribing “…one of these months”, when our two boxes arrived for September and October. Our first box consisted of a few pieces of candy, several team bags, penny sleeves, top-loaders, as well as a few packs of Ginter, Topps Chrome and Diamond Kings. Nothing huge, but we did add one mini card to our #CardCat collection. While we didn’t hit a jackpot in our first box, I like the idea of being able to test new product at a fraction of the cost. I’m just going to go on ebay an order a team set for everything anyway, but it’s nice to see new stuff that I might not normally spring for when it comes to LCS purchases and trying to avoid Diamond Kings… Each month’s boxes’ product gets voted on at their website, which is a nice idea. Providing MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and at the time of posting this they’ve now had two months worth of non-sport too, which I know another__castle has found tempting. Either way, enough rambling. “Get to the pictures!” I get it. Sheesh. Tough crowd.

2 Packs of Topps Allen & Ginter

Previously mentioned #CardCat. I checked the checklist when these came out fearing another “Little Lions” set from Allen & Ginter, but with the exception of this one most aren’t house felines – thankfully!

Next to the Ferocious Feline mini was this guy. Love ’em or hate ’em for his political opinions, there’s no doubt that Boston probably wouldn’t have won in 2004 without his arm. Meanwhile, The Chairman of the Board looks ready to deal aces with his pinpoint control.

Not too much to share here… a Reds legend turned broadcaster, and a longtime Pirate – now Mets mini that’ll probably find it’s way to Eric at the next National. Joe Morgan shares #8 with Reds greats Kiki Cuyler, Ed Bailey, Don Pavletich, and Juan Samuel; and as the back states “greats” to wear #8 include Bill Dickey, Willie Stargell, Carl Yastrzemski, and Cal Ripken Jr.

1 Pack of Topps Chrome

Seeing double? I thought I was too as these were both back to back in the same pack. One’s a refractor however, so I guess there’s some improvement on 1990s collation…


Easily one of my favorite insert sets of the year, a mix of Stadium Club’s photography with 3D Studio Max looking photoshop work – I shouldn’t like these in Topps flagship/Chrome, but I really do – despite all rational thought.

2016 Panini Diamond Kings

A bit of an overdo on my printer’s auto-cropping hurts this scan, but not the card itself. Love it or hate it, Panini really does put out some nice products, I think everyone knows my love for DK, and while teased with a fat pack, I got the card spacer instead of anything sweet.

All in all, this wasn’t a bad sampling of four packs. I could have hoped for more with the actual rippin’, but my second box made up for that. :).

Box #2.

2 Packs 2016 Panini Optic

I’m still not sure what was going through their heads with the hidden refractor parallels, even the scanner picked up the difference between Chris Davis/Yadier Molina and the other Optic cards. Otherwise, a nice replacement for Prizm and competitor for Topps Chrome.

1 Pack 2016 Panini Diamond Kings

Didn’t really pull much in this pack, but the Jim Palmer insert helped in my 2016 DK master set. Again with the Mets mini-hits. E, you’ve got another one added to your pile.

1 Pack 2016 Bowman Chrome

Final pack mojo? With only four cards per pack, I pulled the nicest card from any of my Loot Locker boxes yet. #/150 Gary Sanchez RC! No Twins or #CardCats though, so this box was a bust. ;).


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