Catching up.

With doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, and general life stuff getting in the way, we haven’t posted in quite some time. The following is what you’ve missed if you don’t follow our twatter accounts: JunkWaxTwins, and Another__Castle. We’ve tried a few more boxes of 2016 Diamond Kings. Nice set, but we’ll stick to 2015 when we can find it. Better odds for vintage players, easier to spot the short-prints and #/d parallels, and we’ve just had better luck with it. Babe Ruth is going to be a hard one to top – if we ever do. :D. Highlights to come soon. We’ve also had a few successful card shows, including at one point 7 shows in 9 days, which is partly the cause of our delay in posting – recovering from card show plague. Some highlights were these:

Scanner was a little over-crop happy with a few of these images, but what can you do… Kennys Vargas has played in parts of the last three seasons after being signed in the 2009 amateur free agency period. While his .278/372/.477 slash line hasn’t translated yet in the big leagues(.251/.309/.434) when he plays(158 games so far), he’s show some pop with the bat(24 hr) and driven in 78 runs. Also he’s kinda famous for this Topps Heritage card:

Enjoy seeing that in your nightmares…

Dougie Baseball! Currently a manager in the Twins minor league system, Dougie enamored fans first as a stellar first baseman in the late 1990s/early 2000s. While spending most of his career with the Twins, Doug put up a decent batting line(.275/.367/.408), his .995 career fielding percentage helps explain why he stayed in the big leagues for 12 seasons. This is also my first autograph of his – woot!

We found this one pretty cheap, of which there were no complaints. A 2013 first round draft pick, Kohl pitched most of 2016 in AA Chattanooga finishing with a 12-8 record – 2.88 ERA, and 91 K’s in 143.2 innings of work.

While this isn’t my first David McCarty autograph, the other being a Team USA issue, this is the first “Twins” version. The projected replacement for Kent Hrbek, the shoes proved too big to fill, and the Twins kept searching – a .226/.275/.310 batting line probably was a huge part of it. Much like Doug, Dave/David spent part of the year with the World Series winning Red Sox in 2004.