New theme

Once a year or so, I tear through the apartment completely re-arranging everything. Couches, desks, tables, etc. are all moved as if static placement has any bearing on life. That said though, you may have noticed the blog looks much different. Much like the lounge chair in the living room, the blog needed some updating. I love the new sidebar on the right, and tried to give each section a card related title. Also, sorry not sorry for the new font. Of all the choices, this one was easier on the eyes for mobile/web. Cue Comic Sans hate. Twitter is definitely easier to write out a quick post, and sharing images is encouraged. On the right, you’ll see the latest twats of mine.

That said, card post coming soon. If I can ever find a box of flagship Topps Series One(MLB), or Upper Deck Series Two(NHL)…. Thoughts on the new digs?