February Card Show

With pitchers and catchers reporting soon, new boxes of Topps on the shelf, and teams finalizing their spring rosters, baseball season  is coming soon! While I didn’t have nearly as nice a show as Kin did with dime boxes, it was nice to return and see some dealers/friends after a break from shows. Especially when some haven’t been to a show since around the time foosball season began. Speaking of Foosball though, my first pickups of the day revolved around the Vikings. Someone donated a random mish-mash of cards in a binder to Rich for the upcoming benefit show – Rich said most would end up in grab bags, but if I wanted I could pull whatever I wanted for free first. Score!

Side-note: I absolutely love that Donruss design. It doesn’t work as well for 1990 Donruss, which it’s inspired from/ripped off, but with team colors on the border and a slight redesign? Mmm… yes please!

The Topps Limited came from his sale boxes, but everything came from the donated binder. I thought I had a Donruss Studio checklist up on the site, but couldn’t find it – I still haven’t even looked whether I needed these three. The 1990 Upper Deck I know I have somewhere, but the 100-199 and 400-499 runs for that year were plagued with a small percentage missing the copyright info above the stats and below the MLB logo – that Al Newman included. Bazooka and Archives are both another of those sets that I’ll eventually get to making a checklist for, but for now I’m fine taking the chance they’re dupes. Around this time Rich held his hourly drawing, and one of our numbers got called! Woot. 15$ more to spend somewhere at the show. I took the chance at pulling a FuckFace with two boxes of 1989 Fleer – no Ripken’s, but two Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson rookies were in the boxes. Searched? Possibly. Two Bip bait Oil Can’s and a Ron Gant for CardJunk also came out of the box, as well as that print dot Joe Price. *shrug* These are what they are, moar junk wax.

I did eventually work my way over to the elder gentleman’s dime box section before Kin left with most of it, and picked out these two. The Score Dream Team card has a variant where the back orientation is flipped horizontally, not sure which I have – but I know I needed one or the other. As far as Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano, I love when Topps Heritage makes a callback to the original set with subsets – in this case “Twins Terrors” that originally featured Harmon Killebrew and Bob Allison. Though, on the original they were “Twin Terrors” – not Twins.

Before we left I stopped by one other booth, a dealer who promised he had 2017 Topps. While he did have inserts and parallels, there were no base cards to be found. Shame. But they did have the below serials, an unknown glow/not-glow back 1991 Topps, and PC Ryan Eades Bowman parallel.

With the final 5$ from my drawing win and the majority of what I spent at the show, I picked up the gem of the show. I stopped by Rich’s section to flip through his vintage for mis-cut, oddball or graded cards, and found this:

Harmon Killebrew? Check. Graded? Check. In better condition than the one in my team set binder? Check. Left with me? Duh. :). All in all, it wasn’t a bad show – but I’ll save the dead presidents in my wallet for the benefit show next month.

Total spent: 12$ (27$ with 15$ drawing win).