1991 Topps

Since everyone seems to be picking up 1991 Topps again to look for all the different variation issues, I decided to pull my binders off the shelf and dust them off. A great resource for errors and junkie information is the blog preserved at Junk Wax Gems. Although it may be difficult to tell our names apart, I didn’t write that blog – but have relied on the blog’s information for years. Outside of one or two forum threads, there just isn’t much out there for errors and variation information.

1991 Topps has a dearth of problems with it, none of which are the design or photography. It was one of the first factory sets I broke open as a kid and it stands out as an iconic set decades later. In addition to minor airbrushing, the recently discovered whether the backs glow or don’t glow in the dark via UV lights(which also plagues 1991 Bowman), the set has the ghosted and non-ghosted “dark” back logo, some cards were printed with the A* sheet code, B* sheet code, or A*B* sheet codes, and as if that weren’t enough several cards have printing errors where the “pipe” on the front design caused havoc with the player’s positioning. This is without mentioning the Desert Shield cards, Topps Tiffany, or the Traded set’s differences between retail and factory! Sheesh. Quality control nightmare, much?

Breaking down all of this is MUCH easier in a spreadsheet, of which here’s my ongoing Twins checklists. That is until something new is discovered.

As I said in the notes, all of my “ghost” cards “glow”. Of the owned “darkened” logo backs, I own two versions of 672, 710 – one of each that falls in the “glow” category, and one that doesn’t – “non-glow”. Of the three of my Desert Shield cards, one of them has a “darkened” logo – and all three “glow”.

Naturally I was curious whether 1991 Topps Traded matched the flagship product, and yes all of the “dark” card stock – those that match 1991 Topps – “glow” in the dark. The lighter, “bright” card stock do not seem to “glow” more.

So there’s my breakdown of the 1991 Twins errors/variations that have been found so far at the moment.

For future checklist purposes check this out – unfortunately those images are static, and spreadsheets are much easier to update! :).