Long lost, rediscovered Allen & Ginter

While cleaning out the cobwebs of the bat-cave here, I found two boxes of 2015 Allen & Ginter that we broke at that year’s National. Mothballed and not even sorted, I present you those boxes below. The entire thing is strange, because I was hugely into 2008-2012 Allen & Ginter, even so far as buying a case in 2011. Usually when I break a new set – one that I’ll actually work on – I’ll print out my checklist pdf and go about sorting them and making a checklist of needs shortly afterwards. Maybe it was that these boxes got ripped at the National and were stored alongside our other swag, eitherway, the set has been sorted now. :). I started with just

Not those Minnesota Twins.

While these are Minnesota Twins, these ones played baseball, not like the other kind. I didn’t do that great in this realm though, only pulling one a box. Danny Santana, and Kennys Vargas.

#ThanksTopps – Collation.

After collating the entire set, I ended up with several duplicate cards. I’m no mathematician, but the statistical probability that this would happen with two completely random boxes has to approach 100%. Even without cardboard companies’ collation issue history, unless there’s a guaranteed set per box, it’s gonna happen whether we like it or not. That said here’s a list of dupes for trade:

Pulled –


Completion – 134/300 – 45%.

Dupes –


Box Shorted Prints – Cards # 301-350.

Another staple of Allen & Ginter, the top 50 cards are listed as short-prints in 2015’s set. Although these don’t seem to be as hard to pull as in years past.

Pulled –


Completion – 22/50 – 64%

Dupes – #316,324,332,333,336,341,345.

Cardboard Quirks – Inserts.

Starting Points – Different player’s first game with their stats for their debut. By far the biggest insert subset of the entire 2015 A&G set, 100 cards.
Pulled – #5,6,13,14,21,22,28,38,53,54,60,61,77,82,84,91,93,99. Completion 18%.

Ancient Armory – This subset focuses on the different weapons and armor sets that civilizations have used throughout the years. Pulled – #2,4,5,7,14,15,16. Completion – 35%.

Great Scott! – Filled with scientific oddities, I only had one of these inserts despite the 1:2 packs odds for these inserts. Pulled – #5. Completion – 10%.

Menageries Of The Mind – Mythical creatures, legends, and the such.  Pulled – #3,5,8,9,17,18. Completion – 30%.

What Once Was Believed – Interesting ideas that were once thought to be truth, but were just imagined. Pulled – #2,7,10. Completion – 30%.

What Once Would Be – What people in the past believed would be invented with enough time, that haven’t yet. Pulled – #2,6,10. Completion – 30%. Dupes – #2.

Mini-Sodas – Minis, duh.

Base sod… I mean minis, complete copy of the base set, except mini-fied. Duh.
Pulled – #17,21,40,51,57,61,91,101,170,186,213,233,260,280,281,290,315,328.

Allen & Ginter Black border – Falling 1:10 packs, I think I did well in two boxes pulling five. Pulled – #6,8,55,127,208.

A & G Back variation – Slightly better odds pulling these, 1:5 packs. I pulled nearly double, with nine. Pulled – #68,157,179,186,190,236,251,257.

Of note, I didn’t realize until I sorted for this post that the above David Wright was a no-number A&G back. Those fall 1:72 packs, and are numbered to 50!

Mythical Menaces – Similar to Menageries Of The Mind, this set comprises of mostly literature based menaces. Pulled #2,7. Completion 20%.

First Ladies – The better halves of the 44 Presidents of the United States. I really wanna complete this set. #Americana. Pulled #1,5,25,36. Completion – 9%.

Magnates, barons, Gates, And Tycoons – Very sucessful businessmen throughout the past roughly 200 years. I pulled #9. Completion – 10%.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what about the hits? – Hits, duh.

Here’s where 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter excels, with the inclusion of bought-back cards solely from previous A&G sets. Of which, I pulled five buybacks – three base cards and two framed minis.

A good mix there. One rookie, one non-sport, a non-rookie, and two insert minis from different sets from four different years… Success!

Another good mix, with a base relic, a mini relic, a non-baseball relic, and an auto. Can’t ask for much better from Allen & Ginter!  Miguel Cabrera’s probably the nicest of the bunch, but the Lakey Peterson is underrated. Bright yellow, and unlike most cloth, I wonder if it’s not part of a wet suit. I’d easily consider these two boxes a success, minus the lack of Twins. :/.


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