Card Show…but not really.

I was all set to not have anything card related to blog about until the show in a few weeks, until I got an email that our Arkansas friends were making the trip down for a card/toy show. After being harassed by the show organizer, and being reminded why we haven’t attended one of their shows in forever, we went and visited with our friends. After selling a card his way in exchange for some of the trade bait he’s set aside for me, I couldn’t wait to start pulling. But first, they teased me with 1990 Donruss in their display case. Sure a few were graded, but naturally my first thought was of the aqueous test cards that made their way into the hobby.

Sure enough, the PSA slab gave it away. Naturally I checked all of the cards they had to see what their “INC/INC.” version was, and all but a Bo Jackson Diamond King were of the INC variety. Though, I have yet to see a Diamond King version without a period after INC. Weird.

Either way, here’s the cards I traded for…
One a pack odds. 1995 Upper Deck SP Championship Series Major League Profiles #167 Kirby Puckett die-cut, and base die-cut #170 Kirby Puckett.

1:23 pack odds. Series 1 Hobby pack exclusive 1996 Pinnacle Essence of the Game #8 Kirby Puckett. Love the see through card!
One in three pack odds. 1997 Collector’s Choice “Super Action Stick Um’s” #26 Kirby Puckett.

1992 Michael Schechter Associates “Ben’s Super Hitters” Discs. MSA’s pretty well known for similar airbrushed out logo food and oddball sets like these.
1989 Topps Tiffany #650 Kirby Puckett. I think this makes two Topps Tiffany cards I own.

1:37 pack odds. 1995 Upper Deck Hot Commodities #HC7 Kirby Puckett die-cut insert.
1:18 pack odds. Horribly scanned 1995 Pinnacle Sportflix UC3 “In Motion” insert #IM7 Kirby Puckett.

I hate parallels in general, but especially these “Inaugural Year” Rockies/Marlins sets. These should’ve been reserved for just the Rockies and Marlins, not every team. :(. Sorry, not sorry.
1:18 pack odds 1993 Topps Colorado Rockies “Inaugural Year” #250 Chuck Knoblauch.

1995 Post Collector Series #6 unfolded. Woot.

1995 Fleer Ultra team set needs. #302 Denny Hocking rookie, #305 Pedro Munoz.

1:6 pack odds. 1996 Fleer/Skybox Circa Boss ’96 #14 Kirby Puckett.
1996 Fleer/Skybox E-XL “Magnetic” #85 Kirby Puckett. These look almost too nice for a base set – hobby premium gimmick or otherwise. 

One per pack odds. 1992 Pinnacle Series 2 Slugfest #13 Kirby Puckett.
One per pack odds. 1992 Leaf “Gold Edition” #362 Kent Hrbek. I may already have this one, but I wasn’t wasting time to pull up a checklist. Lol. 

1:10 pack odds. 1996 Pinnacle Zenith “Mozaics” #19 Chuck Knoblauch/Kirby Puckett/Paul Molitor. The scans don’t do this card justice, absolutely gorgeous.
1996 Fleer Metal Universe #80 Kirby Puckett. Another card the scans did no favors. On the back burner I kinda want to do a complete set of these Metal Universe. #ThanksMarvel.

1:35 pack odds. 1998 Score All Score Team #11 Kirby Puckett. Nice foil usage, and probably one of the first post-career cards. Apparently, there’s a gold foil edition, I wasn’t that lucky.

1991 Legends Sports Memorabilia Magazine #31 Kirby Puckett
1993 Metz Baking Kent Hrbek. How plain is this design? I could probably fire up something nicer in Gimp… Simpler times…

1995 Donruss Series 2 Diamond Kings #DK-22 Kirby Puckett #08150/10,000. Another set I’d love to complete the run for – Diamond Kings. Though, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Finally, I pulled a Marty Cordova 1997 Donruss Signature Series autograph. After some further complaints by the show runner about our side dealings, we decided it was probably time to leave. They were the only card vendor anyway – I did get two real nice videos of their 1961/1962 Topps stamps booklets, which will be a post soon. Stay tuned. :).