A great score.

When I first started going to the different card stores in my area, I looked for cheap Twins to pickup to finish off my team sets and to add to my autograph/relic collection. This is the story of one of my best pickups by price and quality. The closest card store to my house was a smaller shop that was inside of an old gas station. Really. They stored their 1990s junk wax cards inside the cooler! It was an eclectic shop to say the least. However in the display cases was the card below:

1989 Upper Deck #376 Kirby Puckett.

Nothing special about the card, except that it was inked by BOTH players on the card! Is that a young Mark McGwire? Yup. A ‘veteran’ of five seasons at that point Kirby Puckett leading off first? Yup. Both players signatures changed throughout the years, but Kirby’s signature matches a few others in my collection, and according to this website, Big Mac’s signature dates to 1988 and/or 1989. Sweet. All for the low, low price of 5$? Pfft. Yes please. I’ve spent more on other unauthenticated in-person autographs. I’ve always wondered what the second signer thought while signing…


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