The ability to go to a card show and know you’re not picking up a dupe 1997 insert by being able to check a list is a wonderful thing. I’ve gotten praise for my ability to tear apart difference sources and create checklists so I figured I’d share some of the secrets. I’m used to using LibreOffice because of it’s free price tag – but the difference between it and Microsoft Office are negligible.

First, you’ll need a source with the checklist/s you want to sort. I prefer using TradingCardDB for ease of use sorting by team. COMC makes a great image reference for oddball 90s sets, but isn’t very copy and paste friendly for huge checklists. Recently, Beckett added a team sort to their posts near the bottom and next to the numerical sorted checklist.

For this example though, I’ll be using TradingCardDB and the Minnesota North Stars, as I’ve seemed to have misplaced a file here or there. There’s an easier way to copy everything that they’ve got tagged as Minnesota North Stars, but for this example I’ll just do the 1968-1969 Topps series. First, you “Browse” to the hockey section and you’ll end up here – naturally I want ‘sets’. There’s some other useful sort orders there, but we’re trying to create a checklist for a set. From there, I select the year I want, and then the set. On the team page I’ll obviously select the North Stars – which leaves us with cards #46-55.

Highlight from the bottom right, through to the top left, including both images and copy the text. Now, open up Calc/Excel. Right-click on the first cell, A1, and select “Paste Special”.

On the next dialog, select “Unformatted Text” and press ok.

Now here’s the key part to this – you could just press enter without looking at anything and then have to rearrange tabs and the like – but here’s a few tips:

  • Select only ‘separated by’ “Tab” under “Separator Options”. If you sort by spaces, it’s useful to create columns for company, player name, etc. However you’ll have to rejoin/retype any potential column with multiple words – Upper Deck, first name/last name, etc.
  • Right-click where it shows “Standard” and you can get rid of the entire column – useful for where those images/image placeholders were on the main page. You can even get rid of multiple at the same time!

From there, press OK and after adjusting a few column widths, we have a perfectly formatted 1968-1969 Topps NHL Minnesota North Stars checklist! As a personal preference I usually edit out the ” RC” part too, but that’s for you to decide. So go forth and create easier, faster checklists!