Sometime towards the end of last year I got burnt out with digital card apps and online games. I stopped opening up Star Wars Card Trader, even if only for the day’s free credits, I no longer Walker’ed, Bunt’ed, Huddle’d or e-packed. Now that’s not changed for those, I have come back around to Upper Deck’s e-pack program. Maybe it’s the low pressure, no-inserts-to-chase nature of the free packs, my renewed love for hockey and the Wild’s successful season so far, or Upper Deck’s vision with digital cards – I’m not sure, but starting today I’ll be opening more hockey cards. Today I opened 2016-17 Upper Deck MVP:

For those unfamiliar, check out their website here. Basically you’re given a free pack of three cards each day, but collecting a certain amount nets you a leveled up ‘parallel’ – an actual card that can be requested via mail. Sure, much like their physical product offerings there’s an option to buy hobby packs/boxes which net mostly/all(?) redeemable cards you can have delivered.

So for those who are on there regularly, I’m looking for Wild, and Stars cards at my normal username – JunkWaxTwins. When S2 becomes available I’d also love to super-collect hometown goalie Zane McIntyre so keep me in mind when trading them away! Even if he snubbed the Golden Gophers for the University of North Dakota… something or anothers…