March 5th Adat Chaverim show.

With a two day show having just past, I suppose I should summarize the show from three weekends ago. Zelda’s a huge time suck – 120 hours since launch day 3/3/17…

It would take way too much to top last years show in March – check that score out here – that show may never be topped… Eitherway, we arrived a little later than most people did, and donated our 5$ for gift bags and were told to pick a free wax pack from the bin. I didn’t see much of use set building wise, but I did find a Topps “Big Baseball Cards” with Tim Laudner visible on the front. We weren’t expecting much in the way for the show, but it’s always fun to see friends and discuss card-ing things. Each bag contained a little slip for a prize – be they another free prize bag, something from the “island of misfit toys” or stuff that’s not quite a prize, but a prize nonetheless, all the way up to some key football rookies and memorabilia. Our prizes weren’t much to write home about – but the junk island was a lot of fun to dig through! We did get a Babe Ruth nightmare inducing “doll” – any Yankees fans want this oddity?

Our misfit discoveries were much more fun. While we pulled three misfit slips it was heavily encouraged to take as much as you’d like, something I took great advantage of, take it all even! In the first bin I noticed three older 1983 “Topps Baseball Foldouts” with 17 Home Run, Stolen Base, and Pitching leaders post card sized photos conjoined back to back, front and back – a little weird. However, when I was checking out the home run leaders, I noticed that it contained a few 1972 NFL Sunoco Stamps. Only one Viking – player here. Also in that bin were 1980s police issued ‘postcard’ sized team sets that I pulled for NightOwl, CardJunk, and for Angela’s Indians. Also in this box, I found this unopened 1980 Topps Superman II wax:

Must not eat the gum! The next bin mostly had collapsed Wheaties boxes and magazines – nothing of note – but I did find this! None of the players were colored in with none missing – Gretzky included!

Also in this bin were Avery issued “binder dividers”, “card box dividers” and “ID stickers” – for all your card sorting needs… in 1990. In addition to this, we found a “Limited Edition Commemorative Sheet” that was handed out by Upper Deck at the 1990 Eleventh National Sports Collectors Convention. #25289/26000! Not surprising to find something handed out in Arlington, in the DFW area I suppose.. Finally from this bin we pulled a 1989 “TV Sports mailbag” Award Winners Frank Viola Cy Young Award winner sheet that’s just a tad smaller than your standard sheet of printer paper – 8.5 x 11. This would look great with some sharpie marked on it, if you know what I mean. :).

It was about this time that I started discussing card stuff with Kin, and he pointed me to a vendor who a nickel bin. Meanwhile Rich walked by with some freshly opened 2017 Heritage packs – donating the Twins to my team sets cause – win. Dime boxes are my bread and butter, but nickel a piece cards? Yes please!  Some of the cards I pulled include:

The older of the two cards – the 1986 O-Pee-Chee, and 1961 Topps came from our two donation bags – I don’t think either are new but these were much better than 1992 Upper Deck dupes in the other bags. So overall it wasn’t a bad show with nickel boxes, discussions among friends, and digging through discarded treasures.