I blame twatter.

I was busy watching the Wild win 5-3 over the Hurricanes, while browsing Twitter. This isn’t uncommon, I live tweet most Wild games – win or lose. However, friend of the blog @TwitchWasHere made the “itchies” for opening new packs surge. They posted a series of tweets showcasing discount Diamond Kings from 2016, and even hit a Miguel Sano dual relic(that I’d love to trade for!). So during the second intermission we headed off to Target to look for stuff to open.

They didn’t have any Diamond Kings, so I settled on Donruss base packs. I grabbed two skinny packs before deciding to grab two other packs that felt a bit thicker. Even if I got two spacer cards, I can use extras of those for The National. I also grabbed a ‘fat pack’ for extra measure, and two Zelda packs from Enterplay. There’s a blog post for that set in the works. After ringing up and paying, we sat just outside to see what we’d pull. Couldn’t wait for the car or till we got home.

Pack one highlights. Never heard of Jake Burger, but Baseball America seems to profile him fondly. To the prospect box it goes! I got stiffed on this one with a blank spacer card.

Pack two highlights. Not a blank spacer! Twinning! So, if your retail gravity feeder feels like it has two packs back to back that are thicker than the others, buy both! Oddly, the Park relic is slightly bigger than a standard card, and won’t fit in a one-touch magnetic case, or snap case.

Fat pack highlights. Kirby Puckett! Jersey numbered serial, ebay Juan of Juan! The next card in the pack was the Harmon Killebrew insert! This pack continues the Twinning! We also had great luck with the 1983 insert set in this pack!