Nintendo Powered

Nope, this post’s not from that set. Though I suppose I could write one about these, or the news to me second OPC-only Series 2 set from 1989. No, today we’ll cover this set from Enterplay that was released late last year. The set breaks down by grouped ranges from Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, then A Link Between Worlds. The most recent fan favorite 3D Legend of Zelda releases, and the most recent handheld offering from Nintendo. At the end of each grouping of games, there’s a foil title card. After the 90 card set, there’s two different foil levels(silver/gold), a foil puzzle back, as well as tattoo and sticker cards. I’ve seen individual retail packs, hobby boxes through hobby shops, as well as Toys R Us carrying a blaster of sorts with a retail only foil Midna card, poster, and one of three different pins. 


Fan favorite Ocarina of Time.

The Legendary Master Sword and a Loftwing from Skyward Sword.

We’ve opened a few single packs, as well as one of the Toys R Us offerings and we’ve liked the set so far. I think we’ve only ended up with five duplicate cards through about ten total packs. Despite the nine tattoos and twelve sticker checklist, we’ve only ended up with four stickers and four tattoos – no dupes.

The sticker set also ranges across the four series.

Tattoos – or “FunTats”.

Iconic images from Majora’s Mask.

Images feature artwork from Nintendo, as well as a good mix of in-game screenshots. The card backs feature game play tips, descriptions of items/characters, and other helpful game notes.

Card Backs.

Twilight Princess fishing, and series villain Ganondorf.

The set has a solid mix of horizontal and vertical cards.

Yuga show here summoning Ganon in A Link Between Worlds. The 3DS spiritual successor to A Link To The Past.

The chase in the set though are the foil cards – as always – it’s been a staple for entertainment/non-sport releases since around the time the original 1989 set was released. Why not in this case? Though the scans don’t show the foil well, these are gorgeous in hand. #TWSS. Again, the Midna is only found in the retail ‘blaster’ boxes – as the checklist is quick to inform.

Ocarina artwork, Skyward Sword help Fi, Ganon in pig form, and Midna from Twilight Princess.

Overall, I love the set. There’s a great mix of artwork, in-game shots, foil/foil puzzles to chase, and fun for kids. It’s a bit pricey at 2.99 retail, or roughly 70$ hobby. Overall 4/5.