2017 Bowman Twins checklist


Paper Prospects

BP15 Nick Burdi
BP44 Stephen Gonsalves
BP52 Kohl Stewart
BP102 Alex Kirilloff
BP114 Tyler Jay
BP134 Fernando Romero

Bowman Chrome Prospects
BCP15 Nick Burdi
BCP44 Stephen Gonsalves
BCP52 Kohl Stewart
BCP102 Alex Kirilloff
BCP114 Tyler Jay
BCP134 Fernando Romero

Bowman Scouts Top 100

BTP-48 Nick Gordon
BTP-98 Alex Kirilloff

Talent Pipeline

TP-MIN Nick Gordon
TP-MIN Tyler Jay
TP-MIN Jake Reed

Chrome Prospect Autographs

CPA-FRO Fernando Romero

This might be the easiest Bowman set to collect for Twins fans. One autograph, a prospect set, a chrome prospect parallel set, two Top 100 prospects inserts, and whatever the hell the single Talent Pipeline card winds up being – an insert, auto, relic, etc. Absolutely no base cards of the 100 in the set. The only team without any whatsoever! Sure, 100 Joe Mauer base cards get stale, but how about Brian Dozier? Eduardo Escobar? Ervin Santana? #ValenTwins Jason Castro? Very disappointed. For the first time since 1948, the Twins and/or Senators will have 0 Bowman base. #ThanksTopps

Edit: Apparently the Talent Pipeline is a single insert with three players pictured. So, one Twins insert.