On the topic of pack searchers…

Newer friend of the blog Dub wrote a great post on the topic of pack searchers, and why it’s a bad thing that hurts consumers, companies, and #TheHobby. No really, if you haven’t read that go do it. I’ll wait.

Back? Cool. I couldn’t agree more with his opinions – going above and beyond to try to find a 4$ relic that could otherwise impress a younger collector is just trashy. Let’s be honest, for the most part base card sets don’t yield anything worth while. Sure, Heritage seems to be a little hit heavy this year, and you might have had good odds if you bought out discount boxes of 2011 Topps Update in 2012, but those odds are not in your favor.

Sure, I’m guilty of the occasional picking out of three packs and leaving with the two heavier ones, and besides usually I’ve struck out and pulled the blank spacer cards. Even more often, I end up buying all three packs anyway as it’s more fun the more packs get opened. However I’m not going to stoop so low as to using a weight scale killing odds for other collectors, or opening them in store and thus committing theft, nor will I encourage it by buying a “hot pack” off ebay or in a card store. Even worse than those are the horror stories I hear of people receiving repackaged junk wax in newer released product. I would never think to return an opened box, and I sure as hell wouldn’t keep the new cards and replace with dime a dozen fodder. The hell is wrong with some people?!?

What I consider an even bigger offense to the hobby though are card stores who weigh out individual boxes from a case to sell to preferred buyers. Or searching their newly un-boxed packs when they’re opening a box for the display case. Or when case-breakers who have “issues” with their internet conveniently before they pull a huge hit and then replace it with another card – their internet now restored. These are still cardboard pictures of athletes right? The card producers distribute the cards with printed odds – and those I’m fine with, but case/box/pack sellers don’t need to further tip the odds against the “lowly” hobby collector.

Why all the greed? Sure, I suppose it’s not an issue only restricted to #TheHobby, but it’s still disheartening for a community I thought that we were supposed to be a #CollectFam.  Respect for the fellow collector seems to go right out the door for some people when there’s a new shiny top prospect/PSA 10 vintage. It’s a shame really. Sure, I’m sure most would rather have the best available card from the card companies, the top one of one of one. But I’d rather pull it myself and be surprised than have to screw someone else out of enjoying that rush. I’d rather not have those actions weigh on my moral consciousness. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

If I could influence the readers of the blog to do one thing this year – it’s to benefit another collector the next chance you’ve got – maybe donate your base cards to a kid in the hobby shop, or trade in the favor of your partner. Besides, the hobby is more fun when we’re all having fun. Finishing off sets, collecting our player/team collections, and sharing our nice hits online. Isn’t that the point of social media? 🙂

Speaking of, I’ve got a continuation of the previous Donruss post, maybe another Zelda pack, and an older Stadium Club blaster to post this week. Keep an eye out for those and more. :).