Ignore the bad crop from my phone.

So I hit a major milestone on twatter recently as you can see above. When I first started collecting in earnest around the start of the decade I sought a source to connect with fellow collectors. I tried blogging originally, and had made several trades with a few bloggers it never stuck with my personality. Back then, I mostly used the different blogging platforms to share my checklists with very little else posted.

I had a similar experience when I joined twitter originally – in February of 2009. But I quickly found that with twitter, it’s not just how you post but who you follow and interact with that makes the place special. So I quickly sought out to connect with a few of my favorite bloggers such as Night Owl, JB, and Card Junk. I liked how quickly you could shoot off a message to the aether, and how quickly you can reply to others.

Seeking to further share my collecting, I started an off and on again affair with blogging that started again here, and ultimately ended up here on WordPress. But the place I really love sharing our hobby with others is on twitter. Whether it’s shit-posting about Minnesota sports, or sharing the latest article from Ryan, commenting on print errors with Nick, to connecting with new friends – Twitter as a social media platform just gels with my style.

It’s fault may be in the short format messaging, but for longer messages that’s kinda where this blog serves a purpose. For a platform built on short 140 characters though, there’s a lot of great content to be found – again depending on who you follow. I’m always surprised when someone semi-famous adds me to their follower list. I don’t provide much thought provoking arguments, but it’s a nice go boost. Especially the likes of Fran Tarkenton, key members of the Topps and Panini crews that we connect with every National, to one of the sons of an early hero I admired(like most Minnesota boys around my age) – Kirby Puckett. Not to toot my own horn, of course. #HumbleBrag. But that’s the success of the site I think – being able to shoot off a message and have it seen by who knows who, or being able to ask a nationally syndicated writer what their thoughts are on x, y, z.

So with that 2,000 follower milestone down, I’d like to have a contest. Followers who comment below, or in the blog’s twitter link here – with a number between one and a thousand – and are the closest to the total number of Twins relics and autos* I have in my collection will get a nice mail day. So, guess a number for relics and a number for autos, and thus a total. Note, it’s probably not just one each, and I’m counting the Ryan Eades collection. :D. In addition a select few will have surprise mail days headed their way. Keep your eyes peeled. Just a way to spread the hobby love. #TWSS.

But, enough rambling for me though, I’ve got followers to entertain. :D.