Another Twitter mail day.

The other day I found a surprise mail day from Nick. A few of these were expected, but surprise mail days usually have surprises, and this one did!

These metal-looking 3D Upper Deck produced cards are impossible to take a photo of properly – at least without powering up my scanner. However these weren’t sent because they’re Twins cards – that’s the Tigers’ Cecil Fielder – but because they’re mis-cut or mis-printed.

Not sure the year, but this looks like a mid-80s sticker from Panini/Topps? The place was a dump for baseball and football, but it was OUR dump! I kinda miss the baggie-dome. :(.

Is that Early Wynn in an Indians uniform? Senators? White Sox? Kinda impossible to know with this poor, blurry photo(#ThanksTCMA). Early did call Washington home for 8 of his 23 seasons however, making his MLB debut in 1939, returning in 1941 and aside from a year of military service in 1945, didn’t retire until 1963! The 1972 Hall of Fame inductee went in as a Cleveland Indians pitcher, probably due to his 12 seasons in “The Land”.  I love this excerpt from his Hall of Fame biography:

After nine seasons with mediocre Washington teams, in which he had a 72-87 mark, Wynn was traded with first baseman Mickey Vernon to the Indians prior to 1949.

“We were roommates and good friends,” Vernon would recall years later. “After I was traded back to Washington, I got four hits off him the first time I faced him, the last one knocking the glove off his hand. When I got to first base, he was steaming. He looked over and said, ‘Roommate or not, you’ve got to go in the dirt seat next time I see you.’ Sure enough, the next time I faced him, the first pitch was up over my head – to let me know he hadn’t forgotten.”

The next two cards are a real gift.

1987 Topps Mike Birkbeck, and John Henry Johnson.

They look like nothing special, centering aside, however when compared to the previous “standard” sized Early Wynn from earlier(hah.) you’ll see why these birth year cards are special:

Just a tad short there in the cutting process Topps. As an aside, based on his photos on cards, I always associate John Henry with Little House On The Prairie rather than on a major league team. It’s just that 80s appearance, ya know? Finally, a few Vikings oddball cards to show off.

An all-time favorite Vikings, super aggressive, extreme personality, with one of my all-time favorite songs. The design reminds me of Goosebumps, mid-90s Scholastic book fairs, with a side order of corporate love affair.

Now that’s a gorgeous looking card! If I didn’t already have a vintage Vikings card in the spine of my team binder, this would definitely be there! The colors are vibrant, the details on the back are depressing, all that’s missing is “Purple People Eaters” – this could not be MORE of a Vikings card.

So that wraps up Nick’s surprise PWE. As he was in the last few posts contest, he’ll have something headed his way soon. If you’ve got mis-printed or oddball Vikings/Twins, feel free to send them my way! :D.