Topps Maths.

I said in the last post that I compiled all of Topps’ checklists for the year and automagically counted for each team. This mini project came about when I noticed the Twins weren’t getting much recognition this year in Topps sets. As you can see above, we’re one of the least represented this year. I sorted the columns by Total % FWIW, and by AL/NL. Below are the Expos, cards of MLB officials/Negro Leagues/MLB Network as MLB, and World Baseball Classic teams.

I started with the checklists provided on their website threw them into a spreadsheet and used a few formula strings to count everything. Namely:

=SUM((SUMPRODUCT(Sheet.Range:Sheet.Range=TeamHere))) which counts all the teams on a separate sheet in the given range. As well as:

=TRIM(Playercolumn&” “&PlayerColumn) – which combines two cells with a space between them so I can reduce the amount of columns into one. This one comes into play when constructing the sheet. The easiest way to copy from checklist PDFs to spreadsheet is to create new columns from the pasted data by spaces between text – naturally you’ll end up with mostly two columns(Ichiro, Jose de Leon, Alejandro de Aza aside…).

For the main sheet, I then improved it as the original only had the base cards. A note on the SPs outlier, the Red Sox had ten David Ortiz SP cards in Series One.

Naturally a few of the bigger sets have more representation(Heritage, S1, S2), however it’s the complete lack in Bowman(100 cards), Museum Collection(100 cards), and Platinum(100 cards) that disappoint me. Topps Chrome is equally disappointing with three Twins in the entire product(#/d parallels aside)! Less disappointing than the Twins game play the other night. :(. As I said at their National Q&A – I’m not sure how in a 100 card count set – with 30 MLB teams – there’s such a disparity. Seems logical that there would be three-ish cards per team, no? What do I know… Donruss, Topps Now results to follow in a future post.

Spreadsheet view-able here. You can find other teams here, searchable by team name – ctrl+f is your friend. :).