COMC mailday.

These were meant to be posted around Christmas, but you’ll excuse me if I was a little pre-occupied. =/. 2017 hasn’t been the kindest with regards to my shoulder. But let’s focus on happy thoughts, a COMC shipment! I’d spent a few hours discussing COMC miscut/misprinted cards with Nick, and stumbled upon a few that I just had to have, see below:

Danny Santana’s missing a name on his rookie card, while Paul Sorrento had centering issues top/bottom at the cutter, and while these are an issue – I’m still not sure what the hell happened to the poor Johns – Costello and Shelby being double printed on this 1989 Upper Deck stood out as a card I HAD to have in my collection.

Nick Punto, and Jamey Carroll are the definition of Ron Gardenhire’s “piranhas“-era “The Twins Way“. A term given to us by the White Sox manager at the time, Ozzie Guillen for our ability to load the bases and small ball our way to runs, as if nipping at your heels like piranhas. Both were small ball contributors with multiple decent gloves around the infield. Both missing a little something here. Carroll’s name is missing – a foil error, with Nick Punto’s seemingly having a double pass of black foil? Meanwhile, Wayne Nordhagen’s APBA card here is everything right with APBA cards: 1) my hometown 2) confusing to the unfamiliar 3) right player, right card. :D.

The above Tony Oliva from 1989’s Topps looks like any other, but upon closer examination of the back you’d find why I picked up a junk wax Topps. Setting both my Twitter username, and the fact that I long ago completed the base team set aside – is a team set really complete without an obvious error card? Especially one that’s been corrected? I think not, see below:

If you ignore the centering issues with the brighter card, the difference should be obvious. The version with the missing copyright and year is the rarer error(say that twice…) and the one I’ll have in my next COMC mail day. =D.

In the meantime, check out these COMC storage facility “relics”:

I would assume that when preparing packages, they scan these and are supposed to remove before assembling the shipment. Maybe they’re for internal tracking? Who knows? The world may never know…


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