The National: Day 3.5

For those not in the know, or for those that haven’t been to the National, every full day, Blowout Cards hosted a raffle based giveaway for various prizes ranging from unopened boxes, to ping-pong balls redeemable for various cases, and finally on Saturday the grand giveaway for a ticket to Panini’s VIP party. Anybody could ask for a raffle before the giveaways, and the tickets counted every day – so hold onto your tickets all weekend next year!

…that being said, on Saturday we joined up with Mel, Rich, and eventually Kevin before the final raffle of this year’s Nationals. Just prior to the giveaway Blowout tweeted that anybody who came up to their booth and showed the tweet would receive a VIP raffle ticket good for Panini’s black tie event. We both got their in time for one, which was sweet.

Finally, 3 P.M. rolls around and they start pulling numbers, and adding to the prizes when tickets went unclaimed. The first prize gets called several times, and finally someone walked away with the box of gold fish crackers, and a box or two of NFL products. They called the next number and someone walked away with Topps products, including a t-shirt.  The final non-ping pong ball giveaway, I sat down near JWT to take a load off my feet, and as if by fluke our number got called! He said I nearly blew his ear drum out screaming “BINGO!”. Here’s a little of what we won:

    • 2015/16 Panini Clear Vision box. Not too much here, but a lower #/d Drew Brees relic. This did qualify for their pack redemption program. More on that later.
    • Uncut National special sheets of a Civil War set, and one dedicated to captured mobsters. Very cool – but could have came with a Ultra-pro holder..

    • A box of Bazooka gum that we gifted to a kid in the crowd.
    • A handful Onyx prospects each numbered to #/10. Brendan Rodgers, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Dansby Swanson are the clear leaders so far. No Twins. :(.

    • “Some wrestling auto thing” – their quote not ours. Nobody special here.
    • Tristar authenticated random NFL signature – we ended up with Vikings’ Chuck Foreman signed photo. Perfect.

After the final ping-pong ball drawing we stuck around to hear if one of us won the grand Panini VIP prize, but quickly were disqualified as they called a low 100s number – ours were in the high 200s. Of course the person was on site, and naturally super excited. We didn’t want to have to fight over which one of us went anyway – though it would have been an awesome honeymoon present. No dice.

So we took our Clear Vision to the Panini booth for the wrapper redemption and after quite a wait were handed our three packs. We may have complained about the non-moving line, but it was well worth the wait:

Even if we’re not much of bouncy-ball fans, this was a great pull! Day four, and some stuffs we broke over the past two months soon!


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If you’re expecting a good sale on ebay, naturally a good description and good pictures are required. We don’t do much selling but we’ve struggled getting photos from my phone. Either the lighting isn’t right, or the refractor-y types don’t show up properly, or worse still trying to capture chrome cards in low light conditions. Even with a good phone (Note 4), We just hadn’t found a good solution. Example:

I stayed away from using my previous scanner because it had connection issues and was a pain to setup each time it forgot how to establish a connection with my PC. Recently we purchased a new printer(Canon Pixma MG7720) to print out our wedding invitations, and it’s scanning mode is irreplaceable for this task. It’s capable of scanning to Dropbox, email, and a slew of other services. So when We recently couldn’t capture a good photo of a 2011 Topps Heritage Minors Mike Trout card, We tried it’s scanning function.

For a card that books pretty high as a short print – a Mike Trout rookie short print at that – we needed a great front and back scan if we wanted to entice bidders. Not only did the scanner provide crystal clear scans of the front and back, but it also auto-cropped out the blank space and saved to dropbox in under a minute. From there it was only a few taps on my phone from being uploaded and listed on ebay.

We’ll see where that card ends up selling in a few days, but for now we’ve altered our ebay process for the better. You’ll probably be seeing pictures from there on here too using the scanner in place of our phone as we struggled with uploading blurry, out of focus, or hard to view photos in our last post, among others… One of these days we’ll get a white light cube for selling, but for now this works great!

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Retail broke.

After his surgery I wanted to comfort JunkWaxTwins so we grabbed a few retail products and broke them. We tried one 10$ box of 2016 Topps Heritage, a blaster box of 2012 Goodwin Champions, and four hang down packs of 2016 Donruss. We’ll start this review with Donruss.

There’s only so much that can be said with Panini and their lack of an MLB license. For the price, I don’t see why you would buy a blaster box when you get nearly the same amount of cards breaking a hang-down pack. Odds be damned. Here’s what we pulled:

79 base cards
11 retired stars

1 Masters of the game

1 Team USA Collegiate

4 Rated Rookies

4 The Rookies

4 The Prospects

4 Studio

4 with the 1982 Donruss design

5 Diamond Kings

1 Power Alley – Twin!

1 Checklist and 1 blank white spacer. ;).

2012 Goodwin Champions was a very discounted blaster box that we figured “Eh, why not?” We received a wide range of stars from sports outside of the big four(MLB/NHL/NFL/NBA) and even some from them. We also pulled an insert – Military Machines, and our five guaranteed minis. The product feels like an attempt at Allen & Ginter, but it doesn’t live up to it’s predecessor.

Base, sorted by sport.

This box says to look for Real One Autos or Relic cards! We got neither, but here’s what we did pull was 32 Base cards including 3 team cards(Angels, Giants, and Brewers), and two AL/NL Rookie Stars(Severino/Sano!, Conforto/Nola). For inserts, we pulled a World Series highlight(Game #5), and a New Age Performers(Sonny Gray). Rounding out our retail break, we also found a Billy BUrns #/999. Pretty meh box, but I do love picking up Miguel Sano cards.
Team cards.
World Series Highlights.
New Age Performers.
AL/NL Rookie Stars.
Up next: 2015 Donruss hobby box.

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So we did a thing.

We set up as dealers for the first time at a card show two weekends back. Like doing any new activity, there was a learning curve to being on the other side of the table. First of all, we were not having a good morning, we stayed up late at night pricing and getting things together…BIG mistake! We truly understand dealers headaches now. Especially with new products. We arrived at the show maybe 10 minutes before it opened to the public. Our saving grace was my cup of coffee and the donuts we brought with us. Sugar is always helpful in these types of situations.

Pre show setup.

We quickly setup our one table and immediately were hounded like the new kids on the block. Seems to be a common instance – checking out new sellers. Dealers and show patron bought up a lot of our “junk” 1981-1986 or so, and a few prospect boxes and some of our autographed cards. Stephan bought a few boxes of junk wax, namely 1992 Donruss, 1992 Leaf, and 1991-1992 Topps Stadium Club Hockey. He found several miscut 1992 Donruss cards, but struck out looking for new Twins Inc/Inc. variations. He also traded a few cards with the regulars – Matt, Rich, etc.

Selling all of these extras makes a lot more room for new Vintage Twins’ cards.. Heck we might even start collecting some hawkey, who knows? Overall the experience was very good and we are now planning our next show. Hope to see you all there!

Watching: Law and Order SVU.
Day Job Status: Meh.
Mood: Lazy.
Next Up: 2015-2016 Upper Deck S1 review.

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2016 Topps Series One review

Warm weather is returning to the South and with that new baseball card products. This week’s new product is the Topps Flagship, Series One. This set marks the beginning of the season for me. The collecting continuance of all the Twins Team sets vintage into the modern era.  So to christen the season, I went to Target.


Overall the variety in this box was pretty decent for being a $20 retail box. You come to expect certain things from products, and this one is a plain jane. The design and maybe configuration changes, but you know what you’re getting before opening the product. I got several inserts and base cards from a variety of teams for a change. I however do not like this year’s design. The team logos in the bottom corners are cut off by a very digital looking bar. This makes the “Twins” team name look like “wins”. Which the Minnesota sports teams of late do not do.

20160202_192409First Twin of the year goes to Kurt Suzuki. I found him hanging out in the 2nd real pack of the box. The first pack highlight was Ryan Braun and the blaster special MLB Debut coin was Mike Trout. Not bad.

Twins were found in the next several packs after the second pack, 3 players, 4 total, Kurt Suzuki, Glen Perkins, and Blaine Boyer. Kurt Suzuki was the king of the box with a base card and a numbered to 2016 gold border parallel.

The new product to me just doesn’t feel as sexy as vintage cardboard. Designs get more and more digitized into perfection. Everyone is searching for the next great hit, whereas I’m sitting here collecting moldy cardboard…


Next up: our first card show as sellers!

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