2018 Topps Chrome Update

Long time, no talk. Unfortunately not much to add, other than I’ve got a podcast/stream you can check out most Wednesday nights here, here, or on iTunes by searching ‘About The Cards Pod’ – and I’ve got a checklist in progress below for 2018 Topps Chrome Update(need below):

2018 TCU: 2,3,5,10,12,19,26,28,34,38,41,47,51,55,59,60,68,73,76,77,80,87,90,93,94,96,99,100

2018 TCU An International Affair: IA-FF,IA-GS,IA-GT,IA-I,IA-JA,IA-JV,IA-KD,IA-MM,IA-MT,IA-YC,IA-YM

Bowman State & Home Town

A few years back(2013/2014) Bowman had a parallel wherein the player’s home state or country’s flag was featured in the background – something also they did in the late 90s as well in the Internationals parallel. However I finally cross referenced baseball-reference home state data with these sets, and I present the all Mini-Sodas team:

1997 Bowman 10 Paul Molitor
1997 Bowman 226 Terry Steinbach
1997 Bowman 219 Chris Reitsma
1999 Bowman 358 Michael Restovich
2013 Bowman – #28 Josh Johnson
2013 Bowman – #72 Ike Davis
2013 Bowman Prospects – #45 Michael Reed
2014 Bowman – #189 Joe Mauer
2014 Bowman Prospects – None.

If you can think of any similar sets, lemme know down below. If you’ve got any of these hanging around your dime bins, I might know someone who’d love them. <3.

2018 Topps Team Sets – retail

Topps announced their checklist for the retail packaged team sets. Usually these are a teaser for Series Two, with slight cropping differences.  Here’s every team(and two separate AL/NL standout sets) checklist. As for the Twins, here’s the checklist, with those who were in Series One having an * next to the number.

MT-1* Byron Buxton Twins
MT-2* Brian Dozier Twins
MT-3* Joe Mauer Twins
MT-4* Eddie Rosario Twins
MT-5* Miguel Sano Twins
MT-6* Ervin Santana Twins
MT-7* Robbie Grossman Twins
MT-8* Jorge Polanco Twins
MT-9 Eduardo Escobar Twins
MT-10 Kennys Vargas Twins
MT-11 Kyle Gibson Twins
MT-12 Jason Castro Twins
MT-13 Jose Berrios Twins
MT-14 Adalberto Mejia Twins
MT-15 Max Kepler Twins
MT-16 Ehire Adrianza Twins
MT-17 Trevor Hildenberger Twins

These aren’t high on my list to find, but it is nice they’re prepacked as a complete set. I want to say they’re normally in the 5$ range at most retail locations, generally distributed in each team’s market – and sometimes Amazon. What are your thoughts? Have you purchased them before? Are these just more fodder for a card box?

Donruss Team Checklist

2018’s first release from Panini has a checklist! I’ve broken them down by type, and team, naturally. Some tidbits first – every current team(Expos – 2) have at least four base cards, one insert, and two auto/relic/buybacks. Only 24 teams are represented on the base variation list. Team USA has 24 “inserts” including top prospects Seth Beer, Nick Madrigal, and more. Should be a fun set to chase again this year. :).

Base #   Inserts #   Variations #   Autos/Hits #  
Astros 17   USA Collegiate 26   Yankees 6   Yankees 28  
Dodgers 17   Rockies 11   Indians 5   Astros 17  
Cubs 15   Dodgers 10   Cubs 4   Dodgers 13  
Yankees 15   Yankees 10   Dodgers 4   Rangers 13  
Indians 13   Angels 9   Red Sox 4   Cardinals 12  
Mets 13   Astros 8   Angels 3   Mets 11  
Red Sox 13   Red Sox 7   Astros 3   Angels 10  
Cardinals 12   Diamondbacks 6   Orioles 3   Padres 10  
Mariners 12   Indians 6   White Sox 3   Red Sox 10  
Rockies 12   Nationals 6   Braves 2   Indians 9  
Nationals 11   Athletics 3   Cardinals 2   Mariners 9  
Reds 11   Padres 3   Mets 2   Cubs 8  
Braves 10   Phillies 3   Rockies 2   Athletics 7  
Twins 10   Reds 3   Athletics 1   Orioles 7  
Orioles 9   Blue Jays 2   Giants 1   Reds 7  
Rangers 9   Brewers 2   Mariners 1   Twins 7  
Royals 9   Cardinals 2   Nationals 1   Diamondbacks 6  
Angels 8   Cubs 2   Padres 1   Nationals 6  
Brewers 8   Orioles 2   Pirates 1   Braves 5  
Diamondbacks 8   Pirates 2   Rangers 1   Phillies 5  
Giants 8   Rangers 2   Reds 1   Royals 5  
Athletics 7   Rays 2   Royals 1   White Sox 5  
Padres 7   Tigers 2   Tigers 1   Marlins 4  
Tigers 7   White Sox 2   Twins 1   Pirates 4  
Blue Jays 6   Braves 1         Tigers 4  
Phillies 6   Giants 1         Blue Jays 3  
Pirates 5   Mariners 1         Brewers 3  
White Sox 5   Marlins 1         Giants 3  
Marlins 4   Mets 1         Rays 3  
Expos 2   Royals 1         Rockies 2  
Rays 2   Twins 1            

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2018 Topps Series One SP/SSP.

At least years Q&A I called out Topps for under representing certain teams in favor of others. I understand you’ve gotta market to what sells, but with a league license that runs through 2020, there’s more than just the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cubs, World Series teams, and whatever team the hot prospect is on to issue cards for in flagship.

I think in particular Bowman was the one that ticked me off the most. Since 1948, the Senators/Twins have always had a ‘base’ card…until 2017. Now we can argue in Bowman, whether the Prospect/Chrome Prospect set is part of the ‘base’ set or not – of which the Twins did have a few – but the true ‘base’ set not having any was extremely discouraging. Why should I bother to buy a box if my team isn’t in it?

Now sure, Bowman’s a prospect heavy set and others are free to collect how they like – but there’s plenty of team collectors, player collectors, prospect collectors who care what cards get issued each year. Not everyone is chasing the Aaron Judge auto – while it might be nice – some prefer to knock out the 1-xxx base card set. To binder the set and be able to flip through it later brings joy to these people. Again, the Topps’ suits will market however they want, but it only makes sense to not dispirit anyone from buying your product. Regardless of why they want the product, your job is to sell it.

With that said, for this year’s Topps Series One, it seems they were listening in one category. Sure the base set is a little top heavy with the usual suspects mentioned in the first paragraph, and the insert set is none helped with Derek Jeter and Kris Bryant 30 card retail sets. However, an area Topps seems to have taken notice is with this year’s short print/super short print – a better name is really needed here…

Broken down, there are 75 SP as of writing, and 25 SSP. Of those 75 SP, each team has at least one, and if you average the 75 by the 30 MLB teams, it comes out to an even 3.33, repeating of course. Of course with only 25 SSP, there’s a few teams missing – Athletics, Blue Jays, Brewers, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Nationals, Padres, Rangers, Rays, Reds, Royals, Tigers, Twins, and White Sox. But, at least they’re listening at the Q&As! Now, about those Blood Diamonds… :D.



Cubs 5
Nationals 5
Yankees 5
Mets 4
White Sox 4
Astros 3
Dodgers 3
Marlins 3
Phillies 3
Rangers 3
Rays 3
Red Sox 3
Royals 3
Twins 3
Angels 2
Blue Jays 2
Brewers 2
Cardinals 2
Diamondbacks 2
Mariners 2
Orioles 2
Rockies 2
Tigers 2
Athletics 1
Braves 1
Giants 1
Indians 1
Padres 1
Pirates 1
Reds 1



Cubs 3
Red Sox 3
Dodgers 2
Marlins 2
Mets 2
Phillies 2
Yankees 2
Angels 1
Astros 1
Braves 1
Giants 1
Indians 1
Mariners 1
Orioles 1
Pirates 1
Rockies 1

2018 Topps Twins


49 Ervin Santana
94 Robbie Grossman
107 Jorge Polanco
115 Zack Granite
127 Byron Buxton
130 Brian Dozier
231 Joe Mauer
262 Potent Pair Mauer/Hosmer
277 Aaron Slegers
288 Miguel Sano
334 Eddie Rosario

Short Prints

127 Byron Buxton
130 Brian Dozier
288 Miguel Sano


1983 Silver Packs
32 Zack Granite

Topps Salute
TS-48 Miguel Sano
TS-67 Jose Berrios
TS-96 Zack Granite

Superstar Sensations
SSS-13 Miguel Sano

MLB Awards
MLBA-18 Brian Dozier
MLBA-26 Byron Buxton

1983 Topps
83-26 Brian Dozier
83-37 Miguel Sano
83-47 Jose Berrios
83-77 Byron Buxton

Legends In The Making
LTM-MS Miguel Sano

MLB Opening Day
OD-4 Miguel Sano


MLB All-Star Team Medallion
ASTM-MSA Miguel Sano

MLB Spring Training Team Logo Patch
STP-MS Miguel Sano

Player’s Weekend Patch
PWP-BB Byron Buxton

1983 Topps Autos

83A-ASL Aaron Slegers
83A-JBR Jose Berrios
83A-MK Max Kepler
83A-ZG Zack Granite

1983 Silver Packs Auto
83A-ZG Zack Granite

MLB All-Star Team Medallion Auto
ASTMA-MSA Miguel Sano

MLB Awards Auto
MLBA-BB Byron Buxton

MLB Spring Training Team Logo Patch Auto
STAP-MS Miguel Sano

Player’s Weekend Patch Auto
PWPA-BB Byron Buxton

Topps Salute Auto
SA-JBR Jose Berrios
SA-ZG Zack Granite

In The Name Relic
ITN-MSA Miguel Sano

2018 Collecting Focus

I wrote one of these last year, and I figured I should probably continue the tradition as soon as the first new product of the year released. Before I move onto 2018’s focus, I wanna take a second to look back at 2017 personally, and for the collection though. A year of many strengths, disappointments and setbacks, setting up what can only be a better 2018. So let’s look at 2017’s goals…

  • 20% of O-Pee-Chee set needs.
  • Finish off easy PC needs – Nordhagen, Millar, Eades, Morrison
  • Pickup another(ungraded) 1955 Topps Harmon Killebrew, and a 1955 Topps Double-Headers #111/112 Harmon Killebrew/Johnny Podres
  • 1951-1967 Topps missing cards. 19 remaining – 20 if you count the ungraded Killebrew.

I elaborated a little in the previous post what each of these meant for the year, but they’re pretty straight forward. The first one I knocked off at the National. A friend of Rich‘s showed up with a ton of 60s/early 70s O-Pee-Chee, and I picked up several for under 5$ each. Even being gifted a 1970 Tony Oliva! Win. The second one was a wash, but with asterisks! I didn’t finish them off, but I definitely knocked out some of the harder to find ones, including last month’s APBA Wayne Nordhagen from COMC!

While I finished up with my physical therapy for the shoulder and was cleared for work after the National, two dislocations in August, and Christmas Day(yes, really….) are huge setbacks in an ongoing battle with my health, and sanity. So while I couldn’t stay healthy last year, I also came up short in a few collecting goals. I didn’t pick up an ungraded Killebrew, but I’ll take the partial win for picking up five of the remaining Twins franchise Topps flagship cards. So with that said, let’s have a few more realistic goals for 2018, shall we?

  • A healthy 2018! No dislocations, lose some weight(down 10lb already!), eat better.
  • Expand my social media front. I’ve got nearly 100,000 tweets on twitter, but very few shared to Instagram, and I’m not nearly active enough on Twitch.
  • Finish off Nordhagen/Eades PCs. I said this last year, but I’ll accept nothing but at least one of these being done.
  • Purchase five of the remaining Topps Twins. Preferably actual Twins, but I’ll take a few Senators too. :). Not to dismiss Donruss/Upper Deck/Fleer/Leaf/Score/et. al. but those are mostly easier to come by, and cheaper! Lol.
  • 50% of Pacific’s base(’88-’01) series Twins. Last year I tackled a set I had very few of, this year it’s Pacific. COMC will probably help a bit with this one. We’re not too far off, a hair over 40%, but there’s a few years where we’re in double digits.
  • Enjoy the hobby more. Sorting cards shouldn’t feel like a chore, and I’ve got a backlog of neglected cards to sort. Let’s fix that.

Oh, and the answer to last year’s Diamond King boxes purchased was 10. Nearly a case by myself. The Topps Q&A at the National was interesting as always, and we had a few concerns addressed. Which reminds me, we owe a few of the Topps guys a T-shirt… lol. fire up the presses! Nothing was more interesting at the big show than the FBI investigator in charge of a few recent major investigations into shill bidding and fake memorabilia/autographs. Very entertaining! We also got a peek at Panini HQ when we came back, which was INCREDIBLE! Tracy, Scott, and all those guys and gals are amazing.

So while 2017 definitely had its health setbacks, it was a decent year to collect. I added a few key cards to the collection, had several collecting highs, and while my teams disappoint me routinely(let’s not talk about the 2017 Wild/Twins/Vikings, please? lol.) there’s hope for 2018 to be a much better year. So as the last Calvin & Hobbes comic strip alluded to ‘Let’s go exploring’, it IS a magical world, let’s get collecting!