2018 Collecting Focus

I wrote one of these last year, and I figured I should probably continue the tradition as soon as the first new product of the year released. Before I move onto 2018’s focus, I wanna take a second to look back at 2017 personally, and for the collection though. A year of many strengths, disappointments and setbacks, setting up what can only be a better 2018. So let’s look at 2017’s goals…

  • 20% of O-Pee-Chee set needs.
  • Finish off easy PC needs – Nordhagen, Millar, Eades, Morrison
  • Pickup another(ungraded) 1955 Topps Harmon Killebrew, and a 1955 Topps Double-Headers #111/112 Harmon Killebrew/Johnny Podres
  • 1951-1967 Topps missing cards. 19 remaining – 20 if you count the ungraded Killebrew.

I elaborated a little in the previous post what each of these meant for the year, but they’re pretty straight forward. The first one I knocked off at the National. A friend of Rich‘s showed up with a ton of 60s/early 70s O-Pee-Chee, and I picked up several for under 5$ each. Even being gifted a 1970 Tony Oliva! Win. The second one was a wash, but with asterisks! I didn’t finish them off, but I definitely knocked out some of the harder to find ones, including last month’s APBA Wayne Nordhagen from COMC!

While I finished up with my physical therapy for the shoulder and was cleared for work after the National, two dislocations in August, and Christmas Day(yes, really….) are huge setbacks in an ongoing battle with my health, and sanity. So while I couldn’t stay healthy last year, I also came up short in a few collecting goals. I didn’t pick up an ungraded Killebrew, but I’ll take the partial win for picking up five of the remaining Twins franchise Topps flagship cards. So with that said, let’s have a few more realistic goals for 2018, shall we?

  • A healthy 2018! No dislocations, lose some weight(down 10lb already!), eat better.
  • Expand my social media front. I’ve got nearly 100,000 tweets on twitter, but very few shared to Instagram, and I’m not nearly active enough on Twitch.
  • Finish off Nordhagen/Eades PCs. I said this last year, but I’ll accept nothing but at least one of these being done.
  • Purchase five of the remaining Topps Twins. Preferably actual Twins, but I’ll take a few Senators too. :). Not to dismiss Donruss/Upper Deck/Fleer/Leaf/Score/et. al. but those are mostly easier to come by, and cheaper! Lol.
  • 50% of Pacific’s base(’88-’01) series Twins. Last year I tackled a set I had very few of, this year it’s Pacific. COMC will probably help a bit with this one. We’re not too far off, a hair over 40%, but there’s a few years where we’re in double digits.
  • Enjoy the hobby more. Sorting cards shouldn’t feel like a chore, and I’ve got a backlog of neglected cards to sort. Let’s fix that.

Oh, and the answer to last year’s Diamond King boxes purchased was 10. Nearly a case by myself. The Topps Q&A at the National was interesting as always, and we had a few concerns addressed. Which reminds me, we owe a few of the Topps guys a T-shirt… lol. fire up the presses! Nothing was more interesting at the big show than the FBI investigator in charge of a few recent major investigations into shill bidding and fake memorabilia/autographs. Very entertaining! We also got a peek at Panini HQ when we came back, which was INCREDIBLE! Tracy, Scott, and all those guys and gals are amazing.

So while 2017 definitely had its health setbacks, it was a decent year to collect. I added a few key cards to the collection, had several collecting highs, and while my teams disappoint me routinely(let’s not talk about the 2017 Wild/Twins/Vikings, please? lol.) there’s hope for 2018 to be a much better year. So as the last Calvin & Hobbes comic strip alluded to ‘Let’s go exploring’, it IS a magical world, let’s get collecting!