Bowman State & Home Town

A few years back(2013/2014) Bowman had a parallel wherein the player’s home state or country’s flag was featured in the background – something also they did in the late 90s as well in the Internationals parallel. However I finally cross referenced baseball-reference home state data with these sets, and I present the all Mini-Sodas team:

1997 Bowman 10 Paul Molitor
1997 Bowman 226 Terry Steinbach
1997 Bowman 219 Chris Reitsma
1999 Bowman 358 Michael Restovich
2013 Bowman – #28 Josh Johnson
2013 Bowman – #72 Ike Davis
2013 Bowman Prospects – #45 Michael Reed
2014 Bowman – #189 Joe Mauer
2014 Bowman Prospects – None.

If you can think of any similar sets, lemme know down below. If you’ve got any of these hanging around your dime bins, I might know someone who’d love them. <3.