May 28th Card Show

Even before the plane landed in Arlington, we were hearing news of big Twins collections being brought to the show on the next weekend. Word quickly traveled from vendor to vendor, to show coordinator to vendor to us. Heard it through the grapevine, for sure. I wanna apologize ahead of time, I didn’t realize the photos were so washed out… But what a Twins collection it was, nearly worthy of rivaling mine! Several 1985 Topps and Fleer Kirby Puckett rookies, a ton of 1990s parallels and inserts, and some oddball magazines and children’s sized Puckett glove:


But we’re all here for cards, right? Matt and I worked a trade(ongoing, I might add…) for a ton of 1980s Fleer Twins inserts, stickers, and some vintage:

1933 Goudey! The printing sheet was likely too wet when stacked, and you can visibly see the card fronts on the back of Mr. Russell. If you look hard enough, you can even make out the bottom “BIG LEAGUE CHEWING GUM” line for Mr. Burke’s card though not as blatant as Russell.

Blank back cards are easy enough to come by, but blank fronts are relatively rare! Well, maybe not for 1989 Topps… Still, a Kent Hrbek error card is always welcome into the collection.

Older in-person and through the mail autographs! Some of them in exceptional condition, some rare given player signing habits – or lack thereof(Allison). I have my similar autographs sorted alphabetically by player last name, and a few of these added new letter pages to my binder(Uhlaender, Versalles, Zimmerman) which is always nice!

Hometown-er Wayne Nordhagen received another misprint card for the binder with this 1981 Donruss card. Looks good all the way until you reach the Donruss logo in the corner. Always looking to add new cards here too!

Matt also hooked me up with a few of the remaining Kirby Puckett rookie cards that I needed. Two 1985 Topps stickers, a 1985 Fleer sticker, and a cutout sticker from the 1985 All-Star game hosted at the Metrodome. I’ve heard there’s some variations on the sticker backings, but one is enough for me, for now. #Research.

Back to the huge deal though, the vendor brought several binders and a few boxes to look through – letting me set aside any I’d want as later purchases. They said they’d bundle them into groupings of 10$, 20$, and the like for future shows – a very nice deal all things considered. There were a few things that I just couldn’t leave without, namely some oddball stuff:

But the big purchase, one that’s always eluded me, is the card below. Among the grouping of 1985 Fleer and Topps rookies in the collections box, there sat this card. I’ve been putting off picking one up because of the known fakes, but this one matched everything a real one is supposed to look like, and the original owner had the rest of the set minus Puckett and Roger Clemens. If that wasn’t a big enough clue, it’s from 1984 Fleer Update. U93? Still nothing? Check below. :D.









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Two day, part two. Sunday.

Sunday’s show was much, much quieter – with much less foot traffic. That combination usually works in the favor of the buyer, and as you’ll see – it did for me.

This weird 1990s oddball display has two Kirby Puckett cards encapsulated in plastic. One of them being his Topps rookie, so does it deserve to be featured alongside my other Puckett rookies? Probably not, it was printed off later. :/. It’s still pretty cool, and I only traded two cards from our dollar bin for it. Trades were easy to come by as most everyone who’s shown up have empty wallets and show-plague. If it were possible to be worn down by so many shows, this #FirstWorldProblem was on display Sunday.

Matt shared some of his soon-to-be-graded card porn. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see what their grades come back as… plus who doesn’t love original Allen & Ginter??

With an assist from the previously mentioned Kirby Puckett display piece, here’s a 1970 Topps scratch off game. I had one of these, but the second half was ripped off. An intact replacement was welcome. :).


Cheap pickups – inserts, 70s oddball, and a few parallels and variations. Yep.


The highlight of the bunch. Two buybacks, and a beautiful Rated Rookie #/d insert Kennys Vargas from Rich, a scribbled on Herb Score for Angela’s collection, and the only Topps card that I needed for flagship between 1968 and the current year. Stupid high series 1972s…

Rich had by far the most tables of anyone at the show, and we worked a previous great deal for acquiring Twins cards. Lots of parallels and inserts there, and check out the numbered/serial cards. The Wesley Johnson is the oddity of the bunch, as it’s numbered #/d xxx/499.


Oh, did I mention ex-Twins pitcher Pat Mahomes was present signing?


Because I may have taken advantage of that. Super nice guy, even talked a bit about planning a trip to Target Field with Torii(Hunter) and LaTroy(Hawkins) this summer, and how “Terry”(read as Terry Ryan, Twins GM) has been trying to have him as a pitching coach in the minors for years. His reply paraphrased “I’ve already rode enough buses for that. I’m good.” Also, Pat may have hinted that he passed along the contact info for the previously mentioned, now retired, ex-Twins to the show organizers. I’d gladly welcome them to future shows!

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Two day show, part one. Saturday.

This past weekend was the grand two day show, and Saturday especially was a two-for-one. With a post card show(I admit, I didn’t know they had these…) next door to our card show, there was plenty to pick up.

As the 7th show in 8 weeks most dealers were more than ready to trade with others, and we were no different. Vendors didn’t seem to have much new, so after meeting up with the usual crowd (and getting a few surprises), we decided to checkout the post card show. What a great idea that was!


15$ paid for a program for the year we won the World Series was a steal. Some of the photos inside were real groovy(well, it was the sixties)!


Dodgers versus Twins, in a 1965 program? Be you some prophet? Also, that really looks like it would hurt the spine. The neighborhood play rule was recently changed, but in those days, wouldn’t it have been better to slide feet first? As opposed to head first? You’d think someone who at the time had nearly 300 stolen bases and 586 in his career would know the advantages.


Depending on when this was published, Tommy McDonald may or may not have been a Cowboy anymore, as he only played in Dallas in 1964. He spent seven years in Philadelphia before moving around team to team. His touchdown in the 1960 championship certainly influenced the 17-13 final. He retired from football in 1968. The six time pro-bowler was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998.


A very young Rod Carew watching intently, honing his defensive skills. Bethea, Renick, Quilici, and Carew all would make appearances for the Twins. While Quilici would take over the manager reigns in 1972 and would hold the post till 1976… Rod Carew is an all-time Twins player, Cooperstown enshrined, and the brightest star in this photo. :).


If the photo were taken on September 6th, 1964, to have that beautiful ‘Stang in the photo, the car would have to either an early year 1965 model, or a 1964 and a half model. Either way, I need a change of boxers. It’s not my favorite(’67 fast back) model, but like the Twins in 1965, it was a good year. :). We also picked up a few ad-pieces at the post card show.


Semi-naked Killer… *shudders*.


It’s almost like this was a card….  Oh, right.


I think he can!


A full Sporting News from 1968! Pictures from inside this soon.

Finally, here’s a few Angela pulled for us. She loved the wildest cartoon drawing, and the cloth feel to the pennants. I’m pretty sure I have the non-stat back Exhibit, but the stat back is more rarer. All around, a very Harmon Killebrew kind of day. An eventful first day with some very nice pickups – aged newspaper clippings, trades, and new wax alike.

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YACS: Yet another card show. March 13th.

Another weekend, another card show. This was probably the 6th show in a row, with the big two day show coming up March 19-20th. To say that people are drained of looking at moldy cardboard is an understatement. Yesterday’s show was also the slowest I’ve seen in awhile, with most transactions being between dealers. Id venture a guess, they’re probably stocking up for next weekend’s shows. We did get asked if we’d help assist the two show signers on the 19th. The regular helper is going to be outta town, and Rich asked us to step in his place. Help keep company with Lindy McDaniel? Yeah, sure!

So we walked in a few hours into the show, right as Rich and Matt were wondering aloud where we were, and how the show is so close to our place. Speak thy name, and we shalt appear. Twitter was a buzz from Matt teasing his showcase, with replies for us to live tweet or periscope his boxes. Naturally we obliged. Chosing select cards and sending out pictures on twitter(here, here, here, here, here, and here with more further down in the replies) and went live on periscope showing off some key football stars and rookies.

By the end of the show we had a small stack from dime boxes, some stuff we questioned whether we had this version or that(1959/60 Topps white and grey backs, 1952 Topps red/black backs), a Buxton Chrome die-cut, a 1987 Topps NFL cello, and a few odds and ends vintage cards. After checking my binders and boxes, we swung a trade for the vintage Senators and dimebox stuff. We also traded a stack of 20 or so 1$ misc bin stuff for a 1985 Topps Tiffany Kirby Puckett, a win in my book. For the final trade of the night, I parted with a 2011 Topps Update Mike Trout .for a graded 1955 Harmon Killebrew(picture soon). Duh, umm, yes please!

While Mike Trout is a huge star at the moment, but that Killer is a bigger need for my team set(finishes off the year!). Sure it’s nice to have one of the highest priced base rookies at the moment, but we have a few extras, and team sets trump all in my collection.

With my 1955 Topps team set completed as of the Harmon Killebrew rookie, I only have 1951(3), 1952(10), 1953(5), 1957(only the team card), and 1959(Only missing Harmon Killebrew’s #515) left for my Washington Senators sub-team set. I always figured we would finish the Twins first as they’re newer, and more easily available, but they’re neck and neck with the Senators. I’m down to only needing 20 Senators cards over five years vs 18 Twins cards remaining across eight years.

The last two weekends has seen us knock out two Kirby Puckett(Topps Tiffany, Tyson minor league) rookies, Harmon Killebrew’s Topps rookie, a game used Killer cap, as well as many set fillers. We cannot wait for the two day show!

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March 6th Adat Chaverim show

Another weekend, another card show. We’re right in the middle of a six or seven weekend stretch with card shows, while most would love to have that sort of card heaven, my wallet is hurting. We had planned to set up as sellers either for Rich’s show, or for the two day show that’s coming in a few weeks. I just didn’t think we’d have enough for the two day show, and was proven right. We went to Rich’s show with seven 5,000 count boxes and left with two at the end of the day. We’ll still attend the two day show though as there’s an ex-Twin, Pat Mahomes, signing. He’s no Twins Hall of Famer like Brad Radke or Bert Blyleven, but he still suited up for us.

So we arrive 45 minutes before the show and were instantly greeted by our Arkansas dealers Mike and Kyle. They too were “late” to setup but said they had a few surprises for us. We started to unload Angela’s truck when they commented they just picked up a really nice Kirby Puckett. Thoughts of an autographed/relics Triple Threads-y card ran through my head when he mentioned that it was his earliest Puckett he’d ever seen. I’ve done enough research to know that could mean either a 1983 minor league card, or an 1984 Fleer Update. My research checked out when Kyle handed me the 1983 Tyson Visalia Oaks minor league team set, with Kirby Puckett. He also handed me a binder with miscellaneous oddball stuff inside it and said he just picked these up, and knew I’d love most of it. He wasn’t lying as I picked up all of the below, and the signed Luis Tiant featured further down for under 15$.

As we were bringing in our last load of boxes Matt stopped us and told us his stopped by the police story where they probably assumed he was a drug smuggler from Mexico with his stacks and stacks of cards. After being searched, he said he just barely made it into town for the show. It’s always nice to catch up with him as he’s a great story teller with plenty to share, and he’ll usually bring up some junk wax boxes…which I shouldn’t need to tell ya I love. ;).
Cc5L9a-UkAAqLF4So we setup and have a few sales and trades, including a trade that saw me giving up a Johnny Manziel chrome #/399 base rookie card for Vikings or Twins. The Manziel trader who was also a dealer, showed me his Vikings stuff first and I settled on a few. But that was before he showed me his Twins cards. I instantly took the Ryan Eades chrome and asked if he’d accept that in trade and explained the Eades collection. We added a few more to each side and went about the show.
Cc9PANtVAAEyfBaCc9LhRzUIAAb4GzAt this show in particular Rich has grab bags with redemption slips for various prizes which we tried a few of, and donated or sold most of our prizes. Angela insisted she wanted the Indians 8×10 autographed photos. Fair enough.

It was about this time that Kyle came back around and added a few more things for me to look at including a few posters, folders, and 8x10s. At a few dollars a piece I couldn’t go wrong, but he also showed me this cap signed by Harmon Killebrew.
Cc9Fy9uUYAEKw-ICc9FzkxUYAA3OGFThere’s some disputes about how the store he bought it from obtained it, but the story goes that the card shop nearest the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown occasionally picked up stuff from the Hall and this was one of them. A game used, signed, Harmon Killebrew cap. The card store went out of business recently(something I had heard elsewhere also), and sold a majority of their inventory really cheap. I had no doubts the autograph was real I own several on different objects and this looked in-line with my other memorabilia. So now I’m on the hook for some oddball stuff, the first ever Kirby Puckett issued card, and a signed Harmon Killebrew gamer. I was prepared to offer up my entire showcase to bring down the price, but was floored when he only wanted 200 for everything… The Kirby Puckett rookie alone averages 150-200$ on ebay in ungraded form, and upwards of 1200$ with a decent PSA grade. I saw two auctions for Killer game used caps and found two – one with no autograph that sold for 600$, and another that sold with autograph and certificate of authenticity for 1200$. By far my biggest steal of a deal ever, and the cap alone made my month.

I was able to sell a few boxes as a whole to a few people and went to searching other dealers, including someone who posted on the new DFW card show Facebook group. Apparently he’s a senior VP for Beckett Media, and was selling a variety of different sports, several discount auto/relic/insert boxes, and a few show pieces. Kin had come by earlier and showed me two Ryan Eades Elite Extra Edition autographs he found and set them aside for me. I knew I had to search the other discount boxes, and found several I wanted at 1$ a piece. I also found this card for CardJunk:
Cc9MghYUIAABP_PCc9LuprVAAI6L4OCc9LAMpUYAEdYZkStale Gum on the Twitters was in town to catch opening night for MLS, and came to the card show as well. After handing him the stuff I had set aside for him, he went to the previously mentioned insert box and pulled many of them. I settled with the Beckett dealer and saw he had a cheap Fran Tarkenton 1962 rookie. I’m still on the fence about collecting non-baseball cards, but for the price I paid for Frannie I figured when/if I choose to chase Vikings I wouldn’t have to worry how much I’d have to pony up.
Cc-JEP-VAAAStC0As we were packing up we saw a frequent big spender had bought an uncut sheet of Panini basketball and asked if he’d let us take a picture or three, which he didn’t mind. The sheet only had one Timberwolves player, a shame. He said he picked the sheet up because of the Steph Curry rookie. He’s got a legit shot at MVP this year and I only wish the Twolves had drafted him instead of Johnny Flynn after already picking up Ricky Rubio that draft a few years back. Curry, Rubio, Towns, Wiggins, LaVine, Garnett… I don’t know what to do with this basketball boner…what could have been.
Cc9Uc2lVAAAcOGDCc9UedvUYAAb0iOCc9UhPtUkAARjwHRight before we left Matt threw a bunch of junk wax packs our way, the 1968 Topps Rod Carew above, and a box of 1989 Donruss. I pulled one Inc/Inc. variation I needed for my Twins collection, and this weird print error:
Cc9DAloUMAArq8BOverall we broke even with what we spent/sold, but this was by far the best show I’ve been to for Minnesota sports pickups. A game used item, two key rookies, and a bunch of oddball without breaking the bank too much, plus several sold boxes out of my living room. This show will be hard to beat at future shows. :).

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The joys of completed team sets!

“I’m not even supposed to be here today…” – Dante Hicks, Clerks.

I was heavily debating whether to show up to the show yesterday, or to only attend for an hour or so, chat with some friends and leave… or so I thought. I got sucked in.

This past weekend’s show was hosted in part by a reviled, slimy dealer. We avoid him at all costs, and others have admitted to sharing the same “pleasant” impressions of the dealer. As you can imagine, we don’t like to associate with that dealer, but it was a free show…

So we show up and were surprised that Matt made the trip up from Austin. Matt among other things is quite the talker, with plentiful stories about players, sets, the card production process, etc. I was mid-conversation when Another__Castle motioned for me to check out a new seller. He swore that he’d heard of one of my private collections, Ryan Eades, and moreso that he had one of his cards available. I perused his table setup while he searched for this card. I found a few Mauer base cards, and was eyeing a numbered Harmon Killebrew cut auto from Tristar/Obak when he found the Eades.



I took the numbered #/50 Ryan Eades and added it to my ongoing Joe Mauer/Alex Meyer pile and asked what I was up to for my stack. When he replied a dollar I was floored and asked what he’d want for the Killebrew as he hemmed and hawed about it, a triple relic #/99 card caught my attention.


Three Hall of Fame members in Hank Greenberg, Charlie Gehringer, and Goose Goslin, the triple G’s, for the price of one. While yes, two never played for the Twins/Senators franchise, Goose Goslin played with us for all or parts of 12 years. Sure, it does have a “Detroit” team label, but due to extensive research I knew Goslin also played for the good guys without a Google search to confirm. :). While the dealer debated the Killebrew, I knew if I had enough I’d LOVE to add this to my collection. His hesitation clearly showed his attachment to the card so I was ready to debate which card I’d leave with: Goslin or Killebrew. However he gave a very fair amount for the Killebrew and figured I’d spare him and take the Goslin at cost without haggling. 35$ total for the Killebrew, Goslin and crew, and these assorted base/numbered parallels, I cannot complain about that deal!


To kill some time, there was a small debate with the Harmon Killebrew card from which set it’s cut card originated. Rich guessed that it might be from a Ball Street set, to which Matt argued it was possible and showed a few examples of Ball Street cards, but opined that it looked like a mail offer special order type deal from Tombstone or Jimmy Dean or something similar. I did my normal Google-ing and found that it belonged to Hillshire Farms from a 1999 Home Run Heroes set. Looks like a match to me. :). See for yourself below.


Rich was shocked at the price for Goose and crew, and shared a story from the 1935 World Series and how Goslin ended the final game catching a fly ball. It’s very interesting of course to own something with that kind of baseball historical significance. But moreso for a Washington Senator. :). I went back to chatting with Matt, when again I overheard Angela putting together a deal, one in which she’d already paid by the time I noticed. Usually that’s not a good sign, and she’s been known to over value, but I was pleasantly surprised with her 5$ pickup.


2009 ALCS hero Alexi Casilla from a 2007 Upper Deck set with a numbered #/5 auto. There’s a big difference between Casilla and Killer, in both handwriting and statistics, however I’ll never turn down a cheap low numbered Twins autograph for the right price – busted prospect or Hall of Fame member alike.

While killing time I figured what harm is there in searching through Matt’s always rotating stash of oddball? Thank god I did! I finished my 1956 Topps team set and my 1960 Leaf when I added a Clark Griffith. The Tris Speaker wasn’t on my checklist, and I know it would have been a new card. I figure even if it’s not labeled as a Washington Senator, “The Grey Eagle” did spend one season(1927) in the national capital in the twilight of his playing career. Especially as the all-time doubles leader, despite his darker rumored personality flaws, this one’s another win.


My checklists aren’t always up to date, but seeing that Clint Courtney filled the only remaining Ultrapro pocket in my 1956 section was such a thrill. This leaves 1951-1953, 1955 a team set where I’m only missing Harmon Killebrew’s rookie card, 1957 where I’m only missing the team card, and 1959 where I’m missing Killer’s 4th Topps card as incomplete for Senators. With exception to the variations and grey/white backs of course. I recently changed my collection from 5,000 count boxes to binders and pages, and I absolutely love flipping through a completed year. Now I have another to enjoy.

Before leaving Matt showed me his latest miscut additions. Dude loves his miscuts nearly as much as I do errors, variations, and miscuts. I was able to pull these three Twins miscuts, and two North Stars from him as part of a future trade. A win in my book.


Which speaking of books, he included the book below in my final deal of the day.



Another Hall of Famer, ex Negro Leaguer, who spent all but his final year(Cubs) with the New York Giants, Monte Irvin to add to my growing collection of books. Easily my best show in a long while, and I don’t regret going to the show now. It’s a shame he passed away earlier this year, may he rest in peace.

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So we did a thing.

We set up as dealers for the first time at a card show two weekends back. Like doing any new activity, there was a learning curve to being on the other side of the table. First of all, we were not having a good morning, we stayed up late at night pricing and getting things together…BIG mistake! We truly understand dealers headaches now. Especially with new products. We arrived at the show maybe 10 minutes before it opened to the public. Our saving grace was my cup of coffee and the donuts we brought with us. Sugar is always helpful in these types of situations.

Pre show setup.

We quickly setup our one table and immediately were hounded like the new kids on the block. Seems to be a common instance – checking out new sellers. Dealers and show patron bought up a lot of our “junk” 1981-1986 or so, and a few prospect boxes and some of our autographed cards. Stephan bought a few boxes of junk wax, namely 1992 Donruss, 1992 Leaf, and 1991-1992 Topps Stadium Club Hockey. He found several miscut 1992 Donruss cards, but struck out looking for new Twins Inc/Inc. variations. He also traded a few cards with the regulars – Matt, Rich, etc.

Selling all of these extras makes a lot more room for new Vintage Twins’ cards.. Heck we might even start collecting some hawkey, who knows? Overall the experience was very good and we are now planning our next show. Hope to see you all there!

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