2017 Topps Stadium Club Twins Checklist

10 Danny Santana
11 Harmon Killebrew
28 Joe Mauer
61 Rod Carew
100 Brian Dozier
146 Byron Buxton
220 Jose Berrios
222 Miguel Sano
237 Ervin Santana
282 Max Kepler
300 Eddie Rosario

Base Chrome Variation
SCC-55 Miguel Sano

Base Chrome Variation Auto
Miguel Sano


For the full checklist with other teams, check here.


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2017 Topps Series 2 Twins checklist

379 Phil Hughes
404 Joe Mauer
405 Max Kepler
407 Eduardo Escobar
453 Danny Santana
491 Ryan Vogelsong
543 Brian Dozier
554 Jason Castro
568 Ryan Pressly
590 Triplet of Twins®
606 Glen Perkins
609 Adalberto Mejia
678 Ervin Santana
684 Jorge Polanco


Topps Salute
S-122 Byron Buxton
S-142 Harmon Killebrew
S-143 Brian Dozier

All-Time All-Stars
ATAS-13 Rod Carew
ATAS-15 Harmon Killebrew

Home Run Derby Champs
HRD-13 Justin Morneau

Independence Day
ID-13 Miguel Sano
ID-28 Joe Mauer

Clear Base Variation
404 Joe Mauer
543 Brian Dozier


Topps Salute Auto
TSA-BB Byron Buxton

All-Time All-Star Auto

Independence Day Auto
IDA-JM Joe Mauer

Major League Material Relic
MLM-MS Miguel Sano

MLB All-Star Logo Patch
ASL-HK Harmon Killebrew
ASL-RCA Rod Carew

Independence Day Team Logo Patch
IDTL-JM Joe Mauer
IDML-BB Byron Buxton
IDML-JM Joe Mauer
IDML-MSA Miguel Sano

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2017 Topps Heritage Twins Checklist

32 Jorge Polanco
80 Eddie Rosario
95 Eduardo Escobar
128 Minnesota Twins
141 Glen Perkins
142 Byung-Ho Park
179 James Beresford/Alex Wimmers
206 Robbie Grossman
220 Joe Mauer
243 Byron Buxton
271 Jason Castro
304 Kennys Vargas
313 Max Kepler
337 Ervin Santana
436 Miguel Sano
465 Brian Dozier

Chrome Base Card Variation
THC-436 Miguel Sano
THC-465 Brian Dozier

Mini Base Variation
220 Joe Mauer
243 Byron Buxton
436 Miguel Sano
465 Brian Dozier

Baseball Flashbacks
BF-HK Harmon Killebrew
1968 Topps Game
30 Brian Dozier
1968 Poster Box Loader
68P-RC Rod Carew

Real One Autographs
ROA-AW Al Worthington
ROA-MS Miguel Sano
ROA-RCA Rod Carew

Real One Dual Autographs
RODA-SC Miguel Sano/Rod Carew

Real One Triple Autographs
ROTA-SCM Miguel Sano/Paul Molitor/Rod Carew

1968 Poster Box Loader Autograph
68PA-RC Rod Carew

Flashbacks Autograph Relics
FAR-RC Rod Carew

Clubhouse Collection Relics
CCR-JM Joe Mauer
CCR-MS Miguel Sano

1968 Mint
68MINT-HK Harmon Killebrew
68MINT-RCA Rod Carew

1968 U.S. Postal Stamp Relics
68PSR-HK Harmon Killebrew
68PSR-RC Rod Carew

1968 Baseball Cut Signatures
68BCS-HK Harmon Killebrew

Washington Senators
Then And Now Insert
TAN-1 Mark Trumbo/Frank Howard
TAN-2 Nolan Arenado/Frank Howard
TAN-12 Frank Howard/Edwin Encarnacion
Real One Autographs
ROA-BB Bill Bryan
ROA-BD Bill Denehy
ROA-BSA Bob Saverine
ROA-FV Fred Valentine

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2015 Diamond Kings checklist – Updated

As I showed in the entirety of the blog, I can’t keep my hands off 2015//2016 Diamond Kings. As Irving would say, “🔔🔔🔔” Somehow through a case or three I still have a few missing. #ThanksCollation. The below are what I have/need. Willing to trade for any not listed below, with a premium for any Twins/Senators missing. :).

Base: Complete!
Mini Base(have): 3,16,20,23,30,41,47,52,62,69,83,87,93,94,100,103,104,109,112,118,132,133,139,145,150,159,166,177,202,223,238
Framed Base(have): 4,16,21,22,31,45,47,73,75,82,105,106,114,130,133,140,166,174,181,188,193.
Base #/d(have): 1,3,12,32,47,48,49,59,68,72,73,118,123,154,157.
Framed #/d Base(have): 18,39,40,42,53,60,64,77,104,120,145(2),146.
Short-print base(have): 151,155,156,157,158,159,162,165,166,167,168,170,174,175,177,179.
Aficionado(need): 2 – 1 missing of 20.
DK Originals(need): 12,13,15 – 3 missing of 20.
DK HoF Sluggers(need): 7,8,10 – 3 missing of 20.
Also Known As(need): 1,8,10 – 3 missing of 20.
Mini Base: 109,166,177(2)
Short-print base: 155,157(2),158(2),162,165,166(2),167,168(2)170,175(3),179(3).

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2017 Topps Twins

8 Jose Berrios
27 Kurt Suzuki
126 Miguel Sano
201 Eddie Rosario
227 Byron Buxton
304 Minnesota Twins
305 Tyler Duffey
313 Robbie Grossman
336 Hector Santiago

Short Prints
8 Jose Berrios
126 Miguel Sano
227 Byron Buxton

1987 Topps
87-16 Miguel Sano

1987 Topps Silver Pack
87-BB Byron Buxton

Bowman Then And Now
BOWMAN-9 Joe Mauer

Clear Veteran Variations
126 Miguel Sano
227 Joe Mauer

Five Tool
5T-41 Brian Dozier
Jackie Robinson Day
JRD-10 Joe Mauer
JRD-18 Miguel Sano

Topps Salute
S-38 Joe Mauer
S-76 Miguel Sano

MLB Network
MLBN-1 Kevin Millar

Jackie Robinson Logo Patch
JRPC-JM Joe Mauer
JRPC-MSA Miguel Sano

MLB Spring Training Logo Patch
MLBST-JM Joe Mauer
Major League Materials Relic
MLM-MS Miguel Sano

1987 Autograph
1987A-JBE Jose Berrios
1987A-MSA Miguel Sano

1987 Topps Silver Pack Auto
87A-BB Byron Buxton

Major League Material Autograph
MLMA-MSA Miguel Sano

Topps Salute Autograph
TSA-HS Hector Santiago
TSA-JBER Jose Berrios
TSA-JM Joe Mauer
TSA-MSA Miguel Sano

MLB Network Autograph
MLBN Kevin Millar(??)

MLB Spring Training Logo Patch Card Autograph Parallel

Jackie Robinson Logo Patch Autograph Parallel
JRPCA-MSA Miguel Sano
JRPCA-JM Joe Mauer

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2016 Bowman Platinum – Twins

22 Byung-Ho Park
37 Jose Berrios
71 Brian Dozier
81 Eddie Rosario
84 Miguel Sano
93 Byron Buxton

Top Prospects
TP-ABW Adam Brett Walker II
TP-NG Nick Gordon
TP-TJ Tyler Jay
TP-WJ Wander Javier

Bowman Next Generation
NG-17 Miguel Sano

Bowman Next Generation Prospects
NGP-17 Tyler Jay

Top Prospect Autos
TPA-ABW Adam Brett Walker II
TPA-NG Nick Gordon

Veteran/Rookie Autos
PA-BB Byron Buxton
PA-BHP Byung-Ho Park
PA-ER Eddie Rosario
PA-MSA Miguel Sano

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2016 Donruss Optics

17 Brian Dozier(Diamond Kings)
35 Miguel Sano(Rated Rookies)
46 Byung-Ho Park(Rated Rookies)
54 Max Kepler(Rated Rookies)
66 Tyler Duffey(Rated Rookies)
93 Eddie Rosario
159 Brian Dozier

Back To The Future
15 David Ortiz
Power Alley
5 Miguel Sano
The Rookies
Miguel Sano

Back To The Future
4 David Ortiz
Rated Rookies Signatures
4 Byung-Ho Park
22 Max Kepler
35 Tyler Duffey
1984 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
1985 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
1986 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
1987 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
1989 Rated Rookies Retro Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
8 Byung-Ho Park
Studio Signatures
3 Miguel Sano
12 Joe Mauer
21 Eddie Rosario
22 Jose Berrios
Significant Signatures
12 Bert Blyleven

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