If you’re expecting a good sale on ebay, naturally a good description and good pictures are required. We don’t do much selling but we’ve struggled getting photos from my phone. Either the lighting isn’t right, or the refractor-y types don’t show up properly, or worse still trying to capture chrome cards in low light conditions. Even with a good phone (Note 4), We just hadn’t found a good solution. Example:

I stayed away from using my previous scanner because it had connection issues and was a pain to setup each time it forgot how to establish a connection with my PC. Recently we purchased a new printer(Canon Pixma MG7720) to print out our wedding invitations, and it’s scanning mode is irreplaceable for this task. It’s capable of scanning to Dropbox, email, and a slew of other services. So when We recently couldn’t capture a good photo of a 2011 Topps Heritage Minors Mike Trout card, We tried it’s scanning function.

For a card that books pretty high as a short print – a Mike Trout rookie short print at that – we needed a great front and back scan if we wanted to entice bidders. Not only did the scanner provide crystal clear scans of the front and back, but it also auto-cropped out the blank space and saved to dropbox in under a minute. From there it was only a few taps on my phone from being uploaded and listed on ebay.

We’ll see where that card ends up selling in a few days, but for now we’ve altered our ebay process for the better. You’ll probably be seeing pictures from there on here too using the scanner in place of our phone as we struggled with uploading blurry, out of focus, or hard to view photos in our last post, among others… One of these days we’ll get a white light cube for selling, but for now this works great!


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